Hurts! This Thai Woman Mukbang Eats Whole Pineapple Bitten Directly


The content of mukbang or big meals, which is in Thailand is indeed quite unique. Like the action of this woman who eats a whole pineapple with the skin bitten off with her teeth.

Have more creative content and don’t just use popular foods like noodles or fried chicken. Mukbang content in Thailand is quite unique, because usually content creators present something new.

Like the action of a TikTok user from Thailand named Jinsu. Through the @jinsu65 account, the woman quite often uploads content of herself eating whole fruits with their shells. Usually he always brings a bowl of spicy chili sauce as a dip.

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In his latest video, which has gone viral, it has been commented on by Indonesian netizens. It looks like Jinsu is holding a medium-sized whole pineapple, with the skin of the pineapple he hasn’t peeled.

Hurts! This Thai Woman Mukbang Eats Whole Pineapple Bitten Live Photo: TikTok @jinsu65

He then said a few words in Thai, explaining that he would try to finish this whole pineapple with sweet and sour sauce using his teeth, without the aid of a knife. Or unpeeled.

He voraciously bit into the young pineapple and then chewed it like a snack. He also dipped the pineapple shell with the chili sauce he brought to add flavor.

Don’t forget to show the inside of the pineapple which is still green like it’s still raw. The video closes with him trying to finish the pineapple.

This strange mukbang video was also commented on by many netizens. In a short time, this video has been watched as many as 6.3 million times. There are more than 16.1 thousand comments entered and liked by more than 276 thousand users.

“Pineapple is not peeled. Instead eat pineapple with the skin,” commented @kang**.

Hurts!  This Thai Woman Mukbang Eats Whole Pineapple Bitten DirectlyHurts! This Thai Woman Mukbang Eats Whole Pineapple Bitten Live Photo: TikTok @jinsu65

“I was stubborn when I was little. I’ve never eaten pineapple with the skin on it,” wrote @use**.

“Where’s the sambal. Where is the sauce, what’s the sauce for?” asked @am** who failed to focus.

“Please try, later in the next video eat durian fruit but don’t peel it. You have to be bitten by the shell and thorns,” joked @che**.

Even though Jinsu’s food content is full of screens in the middle of the forest. But this Thai woman has successfully become a famous TikTok star, with a total of 486,000 followers and 4.4 million likes for all of her eating videos.

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