Hyundai Creta Vs Honda HR-V, Which is More Selling?


The Hyundai Creta and Honda HR-V heat up the competition in the 5-seater SUV segment. The first Creta paved in Indonesia in November 2021. Creta is also the first car from Hyundai to be produced at its regional factory, Cikarang Bekasi.

Hyundai Creta blatantly challenges the Honda HR-V. Not empty-handed, Hyundai has embedded a variety of features that have been adapted to the needs of the Indonesian people. Not staying silent, Honda then refreshed the look of the HR-V in March 2022. Honda brought massive changes to the latest HR-V. Its form changes, its features increase and of course it becomes more sophisticated.

All New Honda HR-VAll New Honda HR-V Photo: All New Honda HR-V

Both are certainly equally attractive SUV fans. But which one is more in demand? Citing wholesales sales data released by the Indonesian Vehicle Industry Association (Gaikindo), throughout April 2022 the Hyundai Creta seemed to be in demand. In the fourth month, Creta’s wholesale distribution reached 1,645 units. When viewed from January to April 2022, there have been 6,582 Creta distributed to all Hyundai dealers.

The difference with the Honda HR-V is not too big. In the same period, wholesale sales of the Honda HR-V reached 1,558 units. Meanwhile, if calculated from January to April 2022 (effective sales from March), wholesales sales of the Honda HR-V have only reached 3,146 units. That number could possibly be more. The reason is that Honda admits that the pivot of the Honda HR-V has reached 5 months and is currently still haunted by the problem of semiconductor chips.

For now, the Hyundai Creta looks more in demand than the HR-V. However, the competition is still wide open, especially the SUV segment is being loved by the Indonesian people. In terms of price, the Hyundai Creta is lower than the Honda HR-V.

There are four variants of the Hyundai Creta offered in Indonesia, namely Active, Trend, Style, and Prime. The Hyundai Creta Active is sold from Rp. 281.5 million, while the most expensive variant, Prime, is priced at Rp. 401 million.

Then for the Honda HR-V, there are four variants offered, namely S CVT, E CVT, SE CVT, and the most expensive turbo RS. The cheapest Honda HR-V was sold for Rp. 362.9 million, while the most expensive was already at Rp. 513.9 million. Here are the complete details of the price of the Hyundai Creta vs. Honda HR-V.

Hyundai Creta Price

1. Creta Active MT 6-speed: IDR 281.5 million
2. Creta Trend MT 6-speed: IDR 301.5 million
3. Creta Trend IVT: IDR 322 million
4. Creta Style IVT: IDR 362 million
5. Creta Prime IVT: IDR 401 million

Price Honda HR-V

1. HR-V S CVT: IDR 362.9 million
2. HR-V E CVT: IDR 382.9 million
3. HR-V SE CVT: IDR 403.1 million
4. HR-V Turbo RS: 513.9 million

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