Hyundai Stargazer Has This Feature, Not Yet in Avanza-Xpander!


For the first time, Hyundai has played in the low MPV class of passenger cars in Indonesia. Bringing the Hyundai Stargerzer, the South Korean manufacturer presents many new things, including those that are not yet owned by competitors. Anything?

Appearance Hyundai Stargazer steal attention. Yes, Hyundai has just leaked the appearance, features, and prices of its first MPV in Indonesia Stargazer. Through Stargazer, this is the first time Hyundai has joined the MPV segment and is ready to fight with rivals like Toyota Avanza, Mitsubishi Xpander, and Suzuki Ertiga.

As a newcomer, the Hyundai Stargazer certainly doesn’t come empty-handed. It was revealed that the MPV will present a futuristic look just like the Staria. Hyundai also embeds advanced features to support the safety and security of the driver and passengers in it.

Hyundai Stargazer.Hyundai Stargazer. Photo: Hyundai Motors Indonesia

One of the features offered is the Captain Seat seat. But this Captain Seat seat is an option, because Hyundai offers 6 and 7 seater configurations that can be adjusted to the wishes of consumers. The Captain Seat seat in the second row of the Hyundai Stargazer is claimed to give the impression of a spacious room. The seat can also be adjusted forward, backward, upright, or reclined. Even if consumers want to ask for the Captain Seat version, there will be an additional fee of IDR 1 million.

Among the Avanza, Xpander, Mobilio, and Ertiga, the captain seat feature has not yet been embedded. However, a similar feature has been offered by Wuling Confero S. Apart from the Captain Seat, in the photo distributed, the Hyundai Stargazer is also equipped with a seat back table. This seat back table is located behind the front row seat and serves as a place to store goods or can be used by passengers to put laptops and food.

Not only that, the Hyundai Bluelink has also been pinned on the Stargazer. Through Bluelink, Stargazer has security features such as Stolen Vehicle Notification & Stolen Vehicle Tracking which operate when a vehicle theft attempt is occurring by sending a notification to the customer’s smartphone and allowing Hyundai Bluelink users to identify the current position of their car.

Hyundai StargazerHyundai Stargazer. Photo: Hyundai Motors Indonesia

These features are then also supported by Stolen Vehicle Immobilization, a service available at Hyundai Bluelink so that users can contact the help center and ask the stolen car to be temporarily suspended.

In addition, car owners also have full control over all basic features such as Remote Engine Start/Stop, Climate Control, Remote Door Lock/Unlock, Remote Horn & Light Control, and find out where to park the car through Find My Car.

In the Hyundai Bluelink technology, there is also a Manual/Automatic Diagnostic Report feature which will automatically diagnose if an abnormality occurs in the car, where the same function can also be applied manually.

There is also a Driving Information and Vehicle Health Report which provides monthly reports on car activity. There is also an ACN (Auto Collision Notification) feature, which is a feature that immediately provides notification in the form of location and vehicle owner information to the Hyundai Help Center when an accident occurs or when an airbag is released. Later, the Hyundai Help Center will translate the notification and send the medical unit or other needed units to the driver’s location.

Then the SOS / Emergency Assistance button, and Roadside Assistance (RSA) located on the ceiling of the driver’s row to contact the Help Center or other urgent needs.

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