IKN Collaborates with French Manufacturers on Autonomous Buses? Still Exploring!


The news said the National Capital City (IKN) of the Archipelago has collaborated with one of the French automotive manufacturers, Navya SA to be able to provide autonomous transportation or automatic buses at IKN. This is certainly not entirely true.

As stated by the Coordinator of the IKN Information and Communication Team, Sidik Pramono to detikOto. He explained that currently IKN is still opening up opportunities for all manufacturers to jointly create a future capital city.

“There is no collaboration yet (with Navya SA), only exploring. This (IKN development) is not only focused on one particular brand, the important thing is that we establish all collaborations with all stakeholders, all manufacturers, all of which are profitable. Beneficial for the community, and everything is mutually beneficial,” said Sidik.

However, Sidik ensured that transportation and vehicles operating at IKN must be environmentally friendly.

Cars without drivers will be popular in the BSD areaDriverless cars will be popular in the BSD area. Photo: Ministry of Transportation

“So in principle, everything is done as a function of preparation for the development of the future capital of the archipelago. We have met with many parties,” said Sidik.

“We continue to explore concepts for transportation there, but in principle we are open to all modes of transportation that are environmentally friendly, hybrid also has opportunities, the important thing is environmentally friendly, we are exploring everything. So the concept of zero emission is a concern,” Sidik added. .

Previously, it was reported that IKN had collaborated with one of the manufacturers to be able to realize autonomous transportation. This is definitely not true.

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