In addition to Warkop, these 5 places to eat in New York also have Indonesian menus


In addition to the Indonesian-style warkop in New York City, there are also several Indonesian-style restaurants there. Here’s the list.

Recently, the viral presence of ‘Warkop NYC’ which is located in the middle of New York (NYC). Similar to coffee shops in Indonesia, this unique place to eat also serves local menus from instant noodles to Indonesian-style fried foods.

It turns out that Warkop NYC is not the only one selling Indonesian specialties around New York. Twitter user @ditut (18/03), an Indonesian living in New York, shared recommendations for Indonesian food there.

“Many people ask that in NYC is it hard to eat Indonesian food? Or do you cook Indonesian everyday or not? Life in NYC is Alhamdulillah surrounded by Indo food. I want to list down Indo diaspora food businesses in NYC, in case someone needs it.” said Dita.

Here are some recommendations.

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1. Indo Java

Indo Java Indonesian restaurant in New York Photo: Special

Located in Queens, Indo Java is a department store or one-stop shop that sells various food products and daily necessities from Indonesia. Starting from the seasoning for chicken serundeng, tempeh ingredients to various bottled sauces that make you miss.

“Continue to the shop and also a small shop. When we look for raw materials for Indonesian dishes, we like to come here. On certain days there are pop ups selling Indonesian dishes. Every weekend, Indonesian dishes or snacks come from Philadelphia, which is famous for its large Indonesian community,” said Dita.

Indo Java also has a small kitchen where they cook a variety of Indonesian specialties that change every week. Ranging from beef tongseng, yellow rice, pecel rice, creamy chicken, gandul rice to market snacks.

2. Awang Kitchen

Still around Queens, there is Awang Kitchen. Dita’s recommended Indonesian restaurant for people who are confused about looking for traditional food in New York. This restaurant combines Indonesian dishes with an Asian touch.

“There is a fairly large Indonesian restaurant. It’s called Awang Kitchen. In the past, Koh Awang was famous for its green chili duck breast milk before opening the restaurant. There are so many variations on the menu. Everything is cireng, “continued Dita.

Awang Kitchen is already famous in New York. The guests are not only Indonesians who live there. But starting from ambassadors, Indonesian businessmen, ministers, DPR RI to Indonesian celebrities.

3. Sky Cafe

In addition to Warkop, these 5 places to eat in New York also have Indonesian menusApart from Warkop, these 5 places to eat in New York also have Indonesian menus. Photo: Site News

According to Dita, in the area of ​​Elmhurst, Queens, a large Indonesian population lives there. So it is not difficult to find a shop or restaurant that sells a variety of traditional dishes. One of them is Sky Cafe, which has a branch in Philly.

The menu served at Sky Cafe is more of Indonesian comfort food, or what people usually eat. Such as white rice with grilled ribs, fried rice using beef eye eggs, Padang satay, urap, grilled chicken to Palembang specialties.

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