Indonesians Still Traumatized by Buying Chinese Cars?


Although slowly disappearing, there is still a negative stigma about Chinese-produced goods in Indonesia, including automotive products such as cars. Whereas Chinese cars are now much better, even able to dominate market segments of course in the world. Cook, are you still traumatized by buying a Chinese car?

Chinese cars are still hard to come out of from a bad past. Every time there is a Chinese car brand who wants to try their luck in the country’s automotive market, it is inevitable that the comments will be skewed. As a result, Chinese manufacturers have to work extra hard in order to gain public trust in the country.

To convince the people of the country, this Chinese manufacturer has embedded advanced features that were previously absent in Japanese cars. Another lure move is to provide a more affordable price tag than most Japanese cars.

It can be seen that the cars presented by Wuling and DFSK have more complete technology. When Japanese cars embed sensor-based features on cars of Rp. 500 million and above, Chinese cars can actually bring it at a price of Rp. 300 million.

Jusuf Hamka hand over Wuling Air evWuling made a breakthrough by presenting electric cars at affordable prices. Photo: (Christina Hartati Phan/Wuling Motors)

“Wuling does not start from zero, from minus. In the past, when people heard about Chinese cars, it was really bad,” said Automotive Observer Bebin Djuana.

Bebin continued to explain, even though he was haunted by various negative comments, in fact the Chinese manufacturer was not afraid and actually wanted to prove that his car was reliable. Wuling is one example. As Bebin mentioned, Wuling had to start his work in Indonesia from a minus because he had to restore public trust.

Slowly but surely, Wuling was even able to overtake the Japanese manufacturer Nissan, which had existed for decades. Especially after Nissan decided to stop car production in Indonesia. Wuling said Bebin, promising the availability of spare parts so that consumers do not have to wait long. That way, consumers will not be bothered if there is damage to their car.

“I’m surprised they can get into the top 10 in the big time in 5-7 years. There is a Japanese brand that hasn’t even been in the top 10 for decades, ‘You’re going crazy’. What does that mean? ‘ explained Bebin.

“But it’s true that they said that in two days I won’t give spare parts for free. I’ve never heard a slanted tone about spare parts, how come? If the factory is here, why can’t I. The key word is, ‘is your factory here’, ‘ continued Bebin.

Now Wuling just has to prove the durability of its products in Indonesia. This will be an added value for the manufacturer with the five diamond logo. On the other hand, a Chinese manufacturer that is ready to face new challenges in the near future is Chery.

CheryChery is ready to face the tough competition in the Indonesian automotive market. Photo: PT Chery Sales Indonesia

Chery will launch two new products in the near future. Bebin said, the problems faced by Chery were different when Wuling started his career in the country. Not to mention, Chery’s targeted consumers come from the premium class. Simply put, do people in the premium segment want a Chinese car like Chery? Generally, those who are in the premium segment, also want a premium car from the Blue Continent.

“If I see Chery, the challenge is different from losing, you have to treat old wounds. If this is different, how come you enter a niche where it’s difficult to have a small niche, not a volume maker,” said Bebin.

For that, Bebin revealed that in order to repeat Wuling’s success, at least Chery must build a factory to ensure the availability of spare parts. Chery himself is planning to build a factory in Indonesia which will later serve as an export base to ASEAN countries.

Chery also did not come empty-handed. Chery relies on European-based technology in its cars. The features presented are also not inferior, some of which are still absent in Japanese cars with a higher price tag.

“Buying a vehicle is not buying flip-flops, for our society its an investment. When the factory exists, people have confidence because premium goods are sold,” concluded Bebin.

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