Innova should be wary! Wuling Cortez has two variants with a difference of IDR 36 million, this is the difference


Manufacturers from China, Wuling, are increasingly tempting Indonesian consumers. Cars in the medium MPV segment, Cortez are equipped with contemporary features, as is known, this segment is also filled by the Toyota Kijang Innova.

There are two latest Wuling Cortez variants in Indonesia, namely Cortez CE and Cortez EX with a price difference of IDR 36,850,000, so what’s the difference?

Handi Ahmad explains the difference between Cortez CE and Cortez EX. In general, the exterior, interior, and design are still the same, only the difference lies in the features.

The advanced feature that is still the same in both variants is the Wuling Indonesia Command (WIND). Just like Almaz, which is already equipped with voice commands or voice commands. Interestingly, the voice command system has been designed using Indonesian.

This Wind technology can be used to control various features and applications in the head unit, including controlling window openings to the sun roof (EX type). This can be accessed by mentioning the keyword “Hello Wuling”.

Then the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) feature connects the car with the owner via the internet. Its function can be like a remote control. This allows the Wuling Cortez engine to be turned on via a smartphone.

New Wuling Cortez Photo: Ridwan Arifin

This interconnection via bluetooth can also open the lock, glass, and unlock the rear trunk. There are also several IoV functions available through the Head Unit, starting from Online Navigation, Online Music, and the Internet Messaging App.

Handi explained that from the outside, the New Cortez did not experience significant changes, only that it now carries a new silver logo, and the use of new design 16 inch dual tone alloy wheels.

“The exterior of the new Cortez carries a different concept from the previous model, namely by using the Wuling Silver logo from the front and back to emphasize the smart MPV,” said Handi during a press conference, Friday (25/3/2022).

“Wuling Cortez EX and CE basically use the same engine body. For engine matters, it still uses a 1.5-liter turbo engine with a CVT automatic transmission,” he said.

In terms of exterior, starting from the roof rails, the shark fin antenna is available in all variants. It’s just that the electric sunroof feature is available on the Cortez EX variant.

Stylish LED Headlamp with Autolamp, LED rear lamp, rear sensing wiper, chrome and window list and also glass electric sunroof are only attached to the EX type.

While the exterior such as DRL (Daytime Running Light), roof rails, shark fins antenna, dynamic fog lamp have been embedded in all variants.

The CE variant also lacks the features of a leather steering wheel, atmosphere lamp, electric front seat adjuster, and Auto AC. This equipment is only available in the most expensive Cortez variant.

Entering the entertainment features, there are also differences in the Multi Information Display. The CE variant measures 3.5 inches, while the EX version is larger with a size of 7 inches. There are only four speakers (CE), while the EX is equipped with six.

New Wuling CortezNew Wuling Cortez Photo: Ridwan Arifin

Significant differences can be seen from the use of the rear suspension between the EX and CE variants.

“The difference is in the rear suspension, where the New Cortez CE is supported by semi-independent suspension, while the EX variant has applied independent suspension,” said Handi.

To support driving safety, Wuling Cortez has also been embedded with features such as:

  • Electric Parking Brake (APB)
  • Automatic Vehicle Holding (AVH)
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) – Brake Assist (BA)
  • Hill Hold Control (HHC)
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC).
  • Seat Belt Reminder
  • Immobilizer
  • Airbags
  • Anti-Theft Alarm
  • Tire Pressure Management System
  • Emergency Stop Signal
  • Parking Sensor
  • ISOFIX & Child Safety
  • Traction Control System

“There is a slight difference, namely in the reminder seatbelt, where the CE type is only available on the first row, and the EX type is available on all rows,” said Handi.

“For dual SRS Airbags, for type CE it is only available in the first row. For EX, there is an addition on the side,” he explained.

“Parking sensors for the CE type are available at the rear. And for the EX it is on the front and rear. The Fatigue Driver Warning feature is only available on the EX type,” he added.

This latest MPV from Wuling is marketed in four color options, namely Pristine White, Dazzling Silver, Aurora Silver and Starry Black. Regarding the price, the Cortez CE was sold for IDR 273.8 million and the Cortez EX IDR 310,650,000.

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