Inspired by Songkok Recca, this is the Amirul Haq Mosque in Bone


The Amirul Haq Mosque is a new icon in Bone, South Sulawesi. Uniquely, this mosque has a dome in the shape of a recca skullcap.

Located on Jalan Jenderal Ahmad Yani, Jeppe’e Village, Tantete Riattang Barat District, the first mosque II was built in 2017. Then it was inaugurated on Friday (1/4/2022).

The dome is in the form of a recca songkok or head covering which is a symbol of the identity of Bugis scholars and nobles. Songkok Bugis has been recognized as a cultural heritage.

There is a philosophy of choosing the recca songkok as the shape of the dome of the Amirul Haq Mosque. Not an ordinary head covering, but the skullcap has indeed become an identity for scholars and nobles of the Bone kingdom.

There is also a wall ornament of the Amirul Haq Mosque which adopts the Middle Eastern architectural style with a golden color. In addition, the outer wall is also surrounded by carvings of Asmaul Husna. Moreover, in the past, the skullcap was not used by people carelessly. It is said that when used, the charisma of the wearer will shine even more. But lately, all people can wear the recca songkok as a cultural product.

This mosque has three doors with typical Jepara carvings. Then it is graded. The upper floor is dedicated to female worshipers.

The floor uses ceramic prayer rug motifs. The position of the pulpit is in front of the priest’s place.

Interior of the Songkok Recca Bone MosqueInterior of the Songkok Recca Bone Mosque Photo: Agung Pramono

On the ceiling of the mosque, Asmaul Husna is engraved. The embossed shape complements the uniqueness of the dome which is designed in the form of a recca skullcap.

The construction of this mosque took 5 years. Already spent a budget of Rp 8 billion. The majority of the funds come from non-governmental organizations, as well as from Bank Sulselbar CSR assistance.

Chairman of the Amirul Haq Mosque Development Committee Andi Fahsar Mahdin Padjanggi said, this mosque adopted local wisdom. Especially the iconic dome shape such as songkok to Bone or songkok recca.

“We want the mosque in Bone to have local wisdom values, so I built and built this songkok recca mosque,” he told detikSulsel, Saturday (2/4/2022).

The Regent of Bone said that the construction was indeed quite long. This is because the construction funds depend on outside donations. So that it is built in stages according to available financial conditions.

“This mosque was built without the help of APBD funds, purely self-help and assistance from friends and my personal funds. Thank God we can use it for worship and Tarawih prayers. I thank the donors who have helped build this mosque,” he said.