Introducing, This is ‘The Widow’ of Exotic Situbondo


There is a beautiful beach in Situbondo called Si Rondo aka Si Janda. What is the relationship between the beach and the social status of the widow?

Si Rondo Beach is located in the Labuan Merak Baluran area, Situbondo. Beautiful and exotic, this beach is one of the popular destinations in Situbondo.

Even though the name is Si Rondo, this beach has nothing to do with the status of a widow. According to local residents, the name has been around for a long time. Not sure who gave the name.

“I don’t know what the story is. What is clear is that since I came to the beach, local residents have called it Si Rondo,” said Sarino (47), a local resident to detikJatim, Sunday (20/11/2022).

Administratively, Si Rondo beach is under the Baluran National Park (TN).

Almost the same as a number of tourism potentials in the Baluran conservation area. This beach is remote and has rough terrain. But its location in the area can be an attraction for nature lovers. This is due to the fusion of forest, mountain and sea into one.

To get to this area requires extra struggle. Because access can only be passed by off-road or trail vehicles. Even at some point had to cross a small river.

Si Rondo Beach, SitubondoSi Rondo Beach Situbondo Photo: (Photo: Chuck Shatu Widarsa/ detikEast Java)

Si Rondo Beach is about 8-10 km from the last village, Sumberwaru, Banyuputih. If you pay attention to the map, this area is right in the east and north corners of Java Island.

However, the tired feeling of traveling along the route is guaranteed to disappear once you arrive in this area. Because, as far as the eye can see, you will be spoiled with beautiful natural scenery between mountains, forests, white sand, and beaches with small bluish green waves.

In this area besides being able to enjoy exotic views, you can also do water sports activities such as boats, canoes, or just swimming on the beach.

Si Rondo Baluran, a beach name that has nothing to do with statusSi Rondo Baluran, a beach name that has nothing to do with photo status: Chuk Shatu Widarsha

Even for those who like diving, in this area you can dive to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. Because coral reefs thrive with other marine biota.

The underwater beauty of this area is due to its location at the confluence of the Madura Strait on the north side and the Bali Strait on the east.

Not only that. If lucky, on the way to the Labuan Merak area, visitors can meet the animals that are the inhabitants of this area.


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