Invited to See a Cow Farm, These Children Just Feel Sad


A group of elementary school age children (SD) in Japan visited a cattle farm. They actually feel sad when they know that this cow will be slaughtered for meat.

Learning can not only be done at school. For example, studying on a cattle farm to know the process of milk and beef production. This can be learned since childhood.

It is reported that Grapee (20/4) a school in Japan conducted a study tour for children aged 8-10 years. They visited one of the cattle farms. The purpose of this activity is for children to see the process of beef processing.

Schoolboys looking at cow farmSchoolchildren looking at a cow farm Photo: Grapee

At the beginning of the visit, the children looked very enthusiastic. They can see cows up close and listen to explanations from cattle farmers.

However, when they found out that the cow they saw was going to be processed into meat for consumption, a little girl immediately put on a sad expression. It also says “Poor cow.”

This knowledge seems to make the children feel sorry for the cows. “How the reaction of elementary school students who came to visit my farm was not what I expected.

I thought it was an activity that made the mood happy, but it turned out to be the other way around. I don’t know if this is normal, because I rarely receive farm tours, but I think at the time the kids were telling the truth,” said one cattle farmer.

Knowing that many children showed sad expressions, the farmer then said that children can choose not to eat beef if they feel sorry for them. But unfortunately this is not understood by children.

When it was time to eat, the children were still voraciously enjoying the processed beef that was served. The innocent actions of these children then became the idea for Inuo Ushikawa, a manga artist who also works as a cattle farmer to describe the story about these children.

He drew a manga about elementary school students who visited a cattle farm and then showed the expressions of these elementary school children. It turned out that the innocent expression of elementary school children in the processing of this cow had captured the attention of netizens.

Schoolboys looking at cow farmSchoolchildren looking at a cow farm Photo: Grapee

The image of the manga, which was posted via Twitter, has invited a lot of comments.

“Amazing lesson in food education….” said a netizen.

“I laugh at the honest reactions of children. I think honesty is good! They are expressive of feeling sad but still eat beef,” said another netizen.

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