Is This the Most Beautiful Roadtrip in the World? His name is hard to spell


There are many roads with the most beautiful titles in the world. But for the road trip route, this route seems to be the champion.

With a length of 670 km between Stiklestad in Norway and the Arctic City of Bod, this route is called Kystriksveien (pronounced: syistrikvayen-red). Difficult to spell by Indonesian tongue, but its beauty is easy to remember.

Reported from BBC, Kystriksveien being one of the most beautiful road trips on earth. This trail connects the green areas of Norway with the beauty of glaciers and icebergs in the north of the earth.

Kystriksveien is known as the Coastal Way or Fv17. The trail winds along the coast and winds a steep contour towards the North Pole.

The BBC’s Anthony Ham recorded the road trip in Kystriksveien live. The journey starts from Stiklestad which is synonymous with soft countryside on the waterfront to the provincial town of Steinkjer.

Kystriksveien . roadtrip lineKystriksveien roadtrip Photo: (Getty Images)

Coming out of Steinkjer, Norway’s green image is getting blurry. The Kystriksveien trail is increasingly barren and sparsely inhabited.

In this case, it seems that Indonesia has a lot to learn about road construction from Norway. Even though it looks like an uninhabited area, the Kystriksveien trail is truly extraordinary.

“In Norway, if there’s an obstacle, like a mountain or a body of water, we build roads over or around it, bridges over it, or tunnels under it. We have the longest road tunnels in the world. We build roads in places where people think they are. otherwise impossible. And where we can’t build tunnels, we send ferries,” says Stiklestad historian Mette Larsen.

Ham continues to maleju to the north, the landscape of rocks, ice, water and hills is a treat in front of the eyes. The uphill road seemed to get higher every kilometer, the land seemed smaller and smaller.

Norway which has folk tales about trolls, fairies and a world of mystery. Along the Bronnoysund road, local legend has it that the peak of Syv Sostre (the peak of the Seven Brothers mountain) which ranges from 910 meters to 1,072 meters is a female troll who suffers eternal punishment.

“We also love to tell stories. Look at the sights you go through. How can you not believe in trolls, fairies and mysteries? These are stories we tell our children, but most of us end up believing them,” says Larsen.

Kystriksveien . roadtrip lineKystriksveien roadtrip Photo: (Getty Images)

The best time to enjoy Kystriksveien is summer. But travelers can come here all year round. The atmosphere is equally good and still beautiful.

“The first time we came, we couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. Now we don’t feel like summer unless we come and drive on this road,” said Joost and Anneke Visser, Dutch campers on a roadtrip to Kystriksveien for the fifth time.

This roadtrip also offers ferry crossings across the Arctic Circle from Kilbonghamn. For an hour, passengers will be mesmerized by the Arctic iceberg.

The tongue of the glacier sweeps sharply from the heights onto the shores of the cobalt blue fjords sculpted by glaciers thousands of years ago. Some of the fjords here are more than 1 km deep.

The wonderful journey is almost over. Traffic and noise and roadside buildings congregate on the last approach to Bod.

The final surprise is Saltstaumen, the largest tidal whirlpool on earth. The Saltstraumen Strait is 3 km long and 150 m wide which churns with 400 million cubic meters of water every six hours. But its beauty is very addictive.

“I understand why Joost and Anneke return road trips to Kystriksveien over and over again. I already know that once is never enough,” Ham wrote.

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