It is said that there is a giant dragon living in Ngebel Ponorogo Lake


Ngebel Lake in Ponorogo holds a legend about the existence of Naga Baruklinting. This dragon is said to be coming out of the lake once a year.

The myth of Naga Baruklinting is familiar to the people of Ponorogo. This dragon is believed to have nested in Ngebel Lake which is located at the foot of Mount Wilis.

To mark the existence of Naga Baruklinting, the Department of Culture and Tourism of Ponorogo Regency also built the Naga Baruklinting Monument. The location is in the corner of the lake and is often used by tourists as a photo spot.

A lecturer at the Ponorogo Muhammadiyah University, Rido Kurnianto, had researched the existence of this Naga Baruklinting. Rido said, the people around Ngebel Lake believe the dragon will come out to coincide with Satu Suro.

“The myth will come out once a year in the middle months, June, July, August, or September. That’s with Suro,” said Rido when met at UMM Ponorogo Campus, Tuesday (25/10/2022).

Ponorogo Ngebel LakePonorogo Ngebel Lake. Photo: Putu Intan/detikcom

Before Naga Baruklinting came out of the lake, there were a number of signs that accompanied it. The omen was the emergence of a thunderous sound, there was smoke in the middle of the lake, there was a rancid smell, and the fish were found dead.

“Incidentally, when I was researching when there was a sound, I ran to the lake carrying a flashlight and camera,” Rido recalled.

“It turned out to be true, there was white smoke collecting in the middle of the lake. Not long after, there was a rancid, very fishy smell. And when I pointed the light at the water, it turned out that the fish began to flounder and some time later died,” he said.

All signs are complete, Rido just needs to wait for the appearance of the legendary dragon. Rido waited until dawn but Naga Baruklinting never appeared from the lake.

Rido said, after the morning prayer, he re-read the literature that discusses Ngebel Lake. Apparently, under the lake there is an active volcano.

“It turns out that Telaga Ngebel is above an active volcano. It means that the thunder is an eruption down there. Then the smoke comes from sulfur, heat, then white smoke. The rancid smell is sulfur which then causes the fish to die,” Rido explained. .

Ponorogo Ngebel LakePonorogo Ngebel Lake. Photo: Putu Intan/detikcom

Based on the results of interviews with a number of elders in Ngebel Lake, it was found that the Baruklinting Dragon was a myth that was deliberately created to protect the lake’s ecosystem.

“It turns out that our ancestors made the Joko Baruklinting myth so that people don’t litter, don’t cut wood carelessly so that the lake is clean and its beauty is maintained,” he said.

“There is a caliphate value, the value of protecting the earth from destruction,” he added.

Apart from the myth of Naga Baruklinting, Ngebel Lake is a beautiful tourist destination. There the traveler can enjoy the view of the lake by boat or speed boat.