It’s been a long talk, how come Buying Pertalite using MyPertamina hasn’t been implemented yet?


PT Pertamina (Persero) has long discussed limiting the purchase of subsidized fuel for the affluent. In fact, the trial itself has been held since last month. But, why hasn’t the rule ‘purchased Pertalite and Diesel fuel required to use MyPertamina’ apply until now?

According to detikFinance, the Corporate Secretary of PT Pertamina Patra Niaga, Irto Ginting, revealed that the purchase of subsidized fuel through the MyPertamina application had not been implemented until now.

This is because, according to him, the revision of Presidential Regulation (Perpres) 191 of 2014 concerning the Supply, Distribution and Retail Selling Price of Oil Fuel has not yet been completed.

“We are still waiting for the revision of Perpres 191/2014,” said Irto Ginting, quoted on Saturday (15/10/2022).

It is said that the revised Presidential Regulation will regulate the criteria for vehicles that are entitled to purchase Pertalite fuel. Irto added that Pertamina itself is still continuing to collect vehicle data.

“Later we will coordinate with the regulator (BPH Migas) for its implementation,” said Irto.

Gas station attendants refuel.Gas station attendants refuel. Photo: Special

Development of Revision of Presidential Regulation 191

Asked about the progress of the Perpres revision, BPH Migas Committee Member Saleh Abdurrahman explained, in substance there has been no change to the material for the proposed Presidential Regulation draft. Unfortunately, he could not confirm when the Perpres was issued. Because, now the government is considering many things.

“If I have this view, the government must consider all things and we can see from the data submitted that MyPertamina’s achievements are still very small,” said Saleh.

Gas station attendants refuel.Gas station attendants refuel. Photo: Special

Furthermore, Saleh ensured that his party together with PT Pertamina (Persero) will continue to make efforts to increase the number of vehicles registered with MyPertamina. This was done while waiting for the presidential draft to be issued by the president.

“While waiting for the presidential draft to be signed by the president, unless there are changes or other policies, we and Pertamina will certainly continue to optimize, go down the mountain, to conduct socialization in the region and also at gas stations so that more people register on MyPertamina,” he said.

It is known, as of early October, there have been 2,872,924 vehicles registered with MyPertamina. However, only 1,875,219 vehicles were accepted, while 986,644 were rejected and 11,065 were waiting for the verification process.

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