It’s not sunnah, ‘breaking the fast with a sweet one’ is just a drink advertisement tagline


Many people consider breaking the fast with sweet foods and drinks is sunnah. Even though this invitation is just a tagline for a drink advertisement.

Rasulullah SAW never recommended breaking the fast by eating sweet food and drinks. However, most people consider this a sunnah and become a reference when choosing food and drinks iftar.

Quoted from the Instagram account @gizipedia, a post uploaded on March 22, 2022 explains that the sentence ‘breaking the fast with the sweet’ is a misguided suggestion.

“Breakfast with the sweet is misguided,” wrote an Instagram account that often discusses about the nutrition of this food.

'Iftar with the sweet' is just a drink advertising tagline‘Breakfast with the Sweet’ Only Drink Ads Tagline Photo: Instagram @gizipedia

It was further explained that the invitation to break the fast with a sweet one was the tagline of a trademark in 2006. Even though it has been more than 10 years, this tagline still exists and is popular in the community.

Through the official Twitter account, Teh Botol Sosro explained about this tagline. “Sosro bottled tea at the moment of Ramadan with the tagline breaking fast with the sweet #saattehbotolsosro,” tweeted the admin of this drink on May 23, 2014.

This suggestion is actually quite wrong because eating sweet foods has health risks. One of them is the risk of ‘sugar crash’

Instagram @gizipedia also explains that sugar crush is a condition where the effects of dizziness, lethargy, weakness and headaches occur due to consuming too much sugar at one time. If this happens, it is feared that it will disrupt the tarawih prayer and night prayers during Ramadan.

It is true, the consumption of carbohydrates is needed to replace the energy lost during fasting. But if too much will have a bad effect. In the long term, excessive consumption of sweet foods can lead to diabetes.

'Iftar with the sweet' is just a drink advertising tagline‘Breakfast with the Sweet’ Only Drink Ads Tagline Photo: Instagram @gizipedia

Meanwhile, if you see the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, it is recommended to break the fast by eating dates and drinking water.

“If you want to break your fast, break your fast with dates. If you don’t have it, drink water because it is holy,” reads a hadith narrated by at-Tirmidhi.

Prophet Muhammad SAW, during fasting, used to consume dates and water to break the fast. So don’t make it as an arena for revenge on food.

Because the real purpose of fasting is to hold back lust. Including excessive appetite for food.

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