It’s So Exciting to Ride a Speed ​​Boat at Ngebel Lake


Ngebel Lake is a tourist destination that is the pride of Ponorogo. The beauty of the lake can be enjoyed by going along it by speed boat. had the opportunity to stop at Ngebel Lake some time ago. The atmosphere of this lake is so beautiful, with cool air and green views of the pine forest.

To be able to enjoy the maximum beauty of this lake, choose along the lake using a speed boat. The process of renting it is easy. There a traveler can see dozens of parked speed boats and just choose which one they want to ride. then boarded one of Sumali’s speed boats. As the owner and operator of the speed boat, Sumali accompanied us around the lake for 5 kilometers.

Ponorogo Ngebel LakePonorogo Ngebel Lake. Photo: Putu Intan/detikcom

Sumali said, currently there are 54 speed boats operating in Ngebel Lake. All operators are members of the association so that the rates are uniform.

There are 3 types of speed boat packages to choose from, namely Rp. 75 thousand for half a round, Rp. 100 thousand for one round, and Rp. 160 thousand to get both.

“There was a change in the price of fuel starting to increase. Initially, Rp. 60,000 was for half a round, now it is Rp. 75 thousand. Then for the one-and-a-half round package, it was Rp. 150 thousand, now it is Rp. 160 thousand,” he said.

Ponorogo Ngebel LakeView of Ngebel Lake from a speed boat. Photo: Putu Intan/detikcom

This rate applies to one speed boat. The speed boat capacity itself is a maximum of 5 people including the driver.

During the trip, Sumali also explained about Ngebel Lake. He also served a photo session in front of the writings of Telaga Ngebel.

Sumali explained that the best time to cross Ngebel Lake is in the morning. That’s because the weather is nice and not too hot.

“The best time is in the morning because it’s still cold. Around 07.00-09.00. If it’s 10.00-15.00 it’s hot,” he said.

Ponorogo Ngebel LakePonorogo Ngebel Lake. Photo: Putu Intan/detikcom

Sumali admitted that his speed boat business was not crowded every day. The peak of the crowd only occurs during Eid and New Year.

“On a normal day, there is usually only one delivery, sometimes none at all,” he said.

“On weekdays, people only come here. When it comes to New Year’s holidays, there are those from Jakarta, Surabaya, Madiun, Trenggalek. The crowds are only on New Year’s and Lebaran,” he said.

Even though it is currently quiet, Sumali serves passengers every day. The speed boat operates from 05.30 WIB to 17.00 WIB.

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