It’s Still There, Suzuki Let’s 2022 Launches in Cambodia


It’s been a long time since we’ve heard of the launch of the latest model from Suzuki, recently they introduced a brand-new scooter, the Let’s 2022. The latest Suzuki Let’s is sold in Cambodia, with a design that is not much different from its predecessor.

Quoted from the page great biker, Suzuki Let’s 2022 has a choice of colors and graphics that are bolder. There is a choice of metallic colors, white, white-blue, to white-red. This motor uses three-spoke alloy wheels that have become his trademark.

Suzuki Let's 2022Suzuki Let’s 2022 Photo: Doc. Suzuki

In terms of design, the Suzuki Let’s 2022 has a lean look out of date aka expired. In appearance, it actually adheres to a retro scooter-style design line with a rounded body shape. But strangely, the shape of the headlights and front turn signal designs tend to be aggressive.

Suzuki Let’s Cambodia version comes with a 110 cc engine combined with a fuel injection system. There are wheel sizes, both front and rear of the same 14 inches, and already using a front disc brake system.

Suzuki Let's 2022Suzuki Let’s 2022 Photo: Doc. Suzuki

With small dimensions, this motorbike is claimed to be suitable for passing on crowded urban streets. Supported by telescopic front suspension and single rear shock absorbers. For now, the new Suzuki Let’s is only available for the Cambodian market.

Flashback, Suzuki actually once marketed Let’s in Indonesia. This motorbike was launched in Indonesia in 2012. Because sales of this scooter were not very good, Suzuki decided to stop production and sales in 2014.

Now Suzuki Indonesia only focuses on marketing a few scooter models, such as the Suzuki Nex II and Suzuki Address.

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