IYC 2021 Becomes Bali United’s Capital to Face EPA League 1 Next Season

ASSISTANT coach for the Bali United U-18 team, Sandhika Pratama, said the experience of competing in the 2021 International Youth Championship (IYC) was a valuable provision for his squad heading into the new season of the Elite Pro Academy (EPA) Liga 1 U-18.

“We came here (IYC 2021-ed) to learn from a team like Barcelona, ​​which is one of the best academies in the world,” Sandhika said at a press conference at the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS), Jakarta, Sunday, after his squad lost 0-4. of the Barcelona U-18s.

According to Sandhika, one thing that can be imitated from the two European teams at IYC 2021, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, is the basics of playing football.

Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, he continued, have basic skills such as passing, moving without the ball and understanding tactics very well.

“That’s an example for us. Not only for players, but also for coaches,” said Sandhika.

Bali United’s U-18 squad itself failed to win a single point in the IYC 2021 preliminary phase. Of the three matches, the 2021 U-18 EPA League 1 champion always lost.

I Made Putra Kaicen and his friends were beaten by U-18 Atletico Madrid with a score of 0-5, lost 0-3 to U-20 Indonesia All Star and, most recently, Sunday, ran aground 0-4 at the hands of U-18 Barcelona.

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These results put U-18 Bali United at the bottom of the IYC 2021 standings who will fight for the third position of the tournament with the third ranked team on Tuesday (19/4) at JIS.

Regarding these results, Sandhika Pratama admits that their three competitors at IYC 2021 do have quality above their foster children.

However, they don’t want to give up because there is still the last match at IYC 2021.

“We will prepare the team well for the last match so we can at least score one goal in this tournament,” said Sandhika.

Bali United U-18 captain and defender Kadek Arel Priyatna also acknowledged the toughness of European teams such as Barcelona at IYC 2021. Kadek, who recently returned from the Indonesian U-19 national team’s training camp in South Korea, said that Barcelona had made it difficult for him and his colleagues. .

“It’s difficult to deal with them,” said Kadek. (Ant//OL-7)