Jakarta Frequently Rains, but This Village is ‘Wet’ 24 Hours


A small village in India has a name that is hard to remember. But this village goes on record as the wettest place on earth, Mawsynram.

This is Mawsynram, a village in the East Khasi Hills area of ​​Meghalaya. It is located in the western part of India, not far from the border with Bangladesh.

Mawsynram is quite difficult to reach from the cities of New Delhi and Arga. The journey taken is about 107 km, so you have to use Guwahati Airport in Guwahati City.

Hidden away, Mawsynram has been named the wettest place on earth by Guinness World Records. The names are Highest Rainfall Annually, which means the place where it rains the most and The Wettest Place on Earth.

Reporting from the official website, the annual rainfall in this village averages 11,871 mm, aka it can rain for 24 hours. If it is likened, the rain that wets Mawsynram in a year is able to make the knees of the Jesus Statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil which are 30 meters high submerged.

The most rainy village in IndiaThe village that rains the most in India Photo: (AFP/Biju Boro)

Mawsynram himself beat Cherrapunji who is also in India and is only 20 km away, as well as Tutendo in Colombia. Why does it often rain there?

“What happens is that whenever water collects over the Bay of Bengal, it causes precipitation over Mawsynram, leading to a heavy, long rainy season,” said Sunit Das of the Indian Meteorological Department.

The most rainy village in IndiaThe village that rains the most in the world Photo: (AFP/Biju Boro)

The rainy season in Mawsynram, falls from June to September. At that time, the village roads there will never dry alias always wet. Even during the day, the sky was always dark because it was cloudy.

Mawsynram also offers many adventures. There are caves, forests, to Nohkalikai waterfall which is one of the highest waterfalls in India with a height of about 340 meters!

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