Joan Mir considers arm surgery after 2022 MotoGP


Suzuki rider from Spain, Joan Mir will undergo arm surgery after the end of the 2022 MotoGP. He admitted that part of his body felt weak while racing at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia, last weekend. The question is, will he be absent in a number of series next season?

According to the official MotoGP website, Joan Mir admitted that this problem had been felt since the Australian MotoGP, a few weeks ago. However, his condition got worse when he raced in Malaysia. According to him, the character of the trajectory makes his arm more under pressure.

“I think I have compartment syndrome, arm pump. This is a pretty demanding track. But it wasn’t like this before,” said Joan Mir, quoted Tuesday (25/10/2022).

“I couldn’t understand the pressure I was applying and I lost all strength in my right arm. That’s what happened,” he added.

SPIELBERG, AUSTRIA - AUGUST 19: Joan Mir of Spain and Team SUZUKI ECSTAR rides during the free practice of the CryptoDATA MotoGP of Austria at Red Bull Ring on August 19, 2022 in Spielberg, Austria.  (Photo by Steve Wobser/Getty Images)Joan Mir. Photo: Getty Images/Steve Wobser

Unlike previous injuries, this time Joan Mir admitted that he did not see any signs. That was why, he felt a little disappointed. Because, usually, he always consults with a physiotherapist about his body condition.

“What makes me sad is that I didn’t see it (arm injury) coming. Because usually, we talk to the physiotherapist, that I always complain a little bit about the back or neck, but I never complain about the arm,” he explained.

It is known, this is the last season of Joan Mir in Suzuki Ecstar uniform. Next season, the 25-year-old will defend Repsol Honda with Marc Marquez. However, before the change of season, he will most likely have arm surgery first.

AUSTIN, TEXAS - APRIL 07: Marc Marquez of Spain and Repsol Honda Team speaks with Joan Mir of Spain and Team SUZUKI ECSTAR ahead of the MotoGP of USA at the Circuit Of The Americas on April 07, 2022 in Austin, Texas.  (Photo by Steve Wobser/Getty Images)Joan Mir and Marc Marquez. Photo: Getty Images/Steve Wobser

However, Mir does not need to worry about being absent from MotoGP 2023. Because, apart from a long competition break, the recovery process is not expected to take long.

“Yes, yes. It was really serious. I think it (arm pump surgery) could be a good option,” he said.

“Usually, during the season, I practice motocross, dirt track. I can train with many bikes. In the previous months, I couldn’t even train on a motorbike. This (arm pump operation) will definitely create a bit of a problem,” he said. he added.

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