Jonathan Rea Supports Toprak Razgatlioglu to MotoGP, detikers How?


Yamaha racer in the World Superbike event, Toprak Razgatlioglu is rumored to be going to MotoGP. Kawasaki rider Jonathan Rea feels his World Superbike competitor Toprak Razgatlioglu deserves to go to MotoGP.

Toprak has successfully led Yamaha to its first WSBK title in more than a decade. Although the Turkish rider has a contract with the WSBK Yamaha squad until the end of the 2023 season, Toprak continues to be linked with a move to MotoGP by next year.

Toprak will test the Yamaha M1 MotoGP bike in a specially organized test next month. Yamaha MotoGP boss Lin Jarvis said this test was to evaluate Toprak for the 2023 MotoGP racing seat, although most likely with a satellite team.

The news made Jonathan Rea support Toprak in MotoGP. The six-time WSBK champion wants to see Toprak get the chance to show his speed in MotoGP next year. Rea is Toprak’s rival. They competed fiercely for the title last year. Sometimes also argues verbally off track.

“I hope he can go to MotoGP because he’s one of the people who can make that step and be competitive.”

I think it can. show that there is a stepping stone from Superbike to MotoGP,” said Rea as quoted by Autosport.

Rider Jonathan Rea managed to finish first in Race 2 WSBK Mandalika 2021. Together with Scott Redding and Michael van Der Mark, Jonathan Rea climbed the podiumIllustration of racer Jonathan Rea successfully finishing in first place in Race 2 WSBK Mandalika 2021. Together with Scott Redding and Michael van Der Mark, Jonathan Rea on the podium Photo: Antara Foto

“Unfortunately I never had that opportunity. There’s nothing wrong with [tetap di WSBK]. I have had a great career here. But personally, I like Toprak, he’s one of my toughest rivals on the track, but he’s a very good person. I said to him [tahun lalu]”If you get the chance, learn from my experience and go (to MotoGP),” he said.

“He’s going to do a great job. A lot of the riders in this paddock are talented and can do a great job. So I just told him, if you get the chance, go there, even if it’s a satellite team or whatever,” said Rea.

Rea believes Toprak can be very strong if he joins MotoGP. With the joining of Toprak to MotoGP, according to Rea Superbike will be respected.

“I hope Toprak and his manager Kenan [Sofuoglu] have the right strategy. I’m one of his biggest rivals, but if he can go out there and do a good job, it makes the Superbike look really good too.”

If you agree, does Toprak Razgatlioglu not compete in MotoGP?

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