Justin Bieber Blacklisted, No More Buying a Ferrari


Ferrari blacklisted Justin Biener. The Italian sports car manufacturer no longer allows Justin Bieber to buy its products. What is it?

To be able to buy a Ferrari is not enough just to have a lot of money. The Italian sports car manufacturer demands that its owners comply with several rules, such as the ‘code of conduct’ they apply regarding the care of the cars they have purchased and how to treat them.

Well, Justin Bieber is considered to have violated the rules and the ‘code of ethics’, which makes him now blacklisted and no longer allowed to buy ‘Prancing Horse’.

Quoted from Il Giornale, Ferrari was disappointed with the way Justin Bieber took care of his car, a 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia F1 Edition. In a television show a few years ago, Justin Bieber ‘lost’ his car simply because he forgot where to park it after attending a party. in Los Angeles.

Bieber was also accused of acting inappropriately as a Ferrari owner and driver when driving recklessly for which he was ticketed in Los Angeles and Miami.

Another thing that makes Ferrari even more disappointed is the behavior of the Canadian singer who repainted his car to a neon blue color, from the previous white color. Some sources say Bieber repainted his car at West Coast Customs.

Ferrari 458 Italy Justin BieberFerrari 458 Itlalia Justin Bieber Photo: Barret Jackson

The fact that Justin Bieber then auctioned the car and the proceeds were used for charitable purposes did not make Ferrari soften with his decision.

Quoted from driving.ca, Bieber was not the only big name that entered Ferrari’s black list. Other celebrities who are no longer allowed to buy The Prancing Horse include actor Nicolas Cage, rapper Tyga and automotive journalist Chris Harris.

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