Klopp excited to face City in FA Cup semi-final

LIVERPOOL will face Manchester City in the FA Cup semifinals after passing Nottingham Forest in a thrilling meeting in the quarter-finals on Monday (21/3) early morning WIB. Diogo Jota became the hero of the Reds’ victory through his only goal in this match.

Jurgen Klopp’s squad was forced to work hard for victory by the team in the Championship division.

“We could have played better, but we should have scored in the first half. If we had scored earlier it would have been a completely different game,” Klopp said.

The Reds will face Man City in the semifinals on April 16. The two teams will face each other in two consecutive weekends. The reason is, on April 10, 2022, they will also clash in the Premier League.

“Man City don’t like it that much, we don’t like it very much. But the closer to the end, the more likely you are to face City. If you don’t face them early you will face them in any semi-final or final,” Klopp said.

Liverpool, who lifted the League Cup trophy last month, have the chance to lift the FA Cup and Champions League. The Reds also have the opportunity to add to the title in the Premier League which currently looks tough competition with Man City.

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Liverpool now sit in second place with only one point adrift of Manchester City at the top of the standings. Therefore, the match at the end of the season will be the final for both teams.

“Now we know, the further you go in each cup competition, the more likely you are to face Man City at one point. It will be difficult and we have to make sure it will be difficult for Man City as well.”

Meanwhile, Chelsea’s 2-0 win over Middlesbrough will face Crystal Palace in the FA Cup semi-finals. The Blues will be favorites to advance to the final to face Liverpool or Man City.

But with the off-field problems Chelsea are facing, it’s not impossible to distract the Blues. This situation can be used by Palace to steal victory.(BBC/OL-5)