Latest Honda Genio Specifications and Prices


Honda officially launched the latest Honda Genio automatic scooter (scooter). Honda’s flagship scooter in this more stylish entry-level class has a new look and features. One of them is the use of 12-inch alloy wheels.

According to the President Director of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM), Keiichi Yasuda, the New Honda Genio is the answer for those who want a scooter that is suitable for everyday use. He said, Honda Genio is also rich in functional features, but can still represent the lifestyle of those who want to look more stylish.

“The New Honda Genio provides a balance between a compact design with agile performance, supported by complete functional features for the needs of daily activities. With the latest design changes that are increasingly iconic according to current trends, especially among young people, we believe the New Honda Genio can provide a fun driving experience and certainly different from the others,” said Yasuda, Monday (14/3/2022).

AHM Executive Vice President Director Johannes Loman added, Honda Genio has been well received by the public. This makes AHM continue to strive to bring innovation and change according to current trends. The entire network of Honda dealers across the country is also ready to maintain driving satisfaction with the New Honda Genio.

Honda Genio 2022 Photo: Doc. Astra Honda Motor

“We continue to strive to continue to deliver quality products in accordance with the development of loyal Honda consumer interests in the country. In addition, we also complete it with complete after-sales services and are ready to take care of the New Honda Genio, so that users can continue their activities with the support of quality products and service.” guaranteed to be available in all corners of Indonesia,” said Loman.

The latest Honda Genio has a fresh look. Changes to the cover design and front fenders present a 3-dimensional shape that is equipped with character lines and sharp and strong expressions.

Honda Genio also comes with compact dimensions, making it ideal and comfortable for everyday driving. The seat distance from the ground is 744 mm, which supports the flexibility of the rider, supported by a wide step floor.

Honda Genio 2022Honda Genio 2022 Photo: Doc. Astra Honda Motor

Now, Honda Genio is supported by wider tubeless tires. The front tire size is 100/90-12 and the rear tire is 110/90-12. These wide tires provide ease and comfort in driving as well as an increasingly stylish appearance.

What’s new in the Honda Genio is the power charger feature to recharge the gadget’s battery which is now placed on the front shelf. Honda Genio’s headlight technology already uses LEDs, combined with stylish taillights, and separate turn signals on the body cover.

The digital panel meter provides various information including speed indicator, odometer, fuel and ECO indicator for efficient driving guidance. The aluminum finish on the pillion footrest and rear grip provides a luxurious appearance.

The Honda Genio security factor is supported by a secure key shutter feature, equipped with a practical seat opening button. Parking Brake lock, combi brake braking system, and side stand switch.

Honda Genio is still equipped with a 110 cc SOHC engine with eSP (enhanced Smart Power) technology with a PGM-FI injection combustion system. The maximum power of this engine reaches 6.6 kW @ 7,500 rpm, and peak torque is at 9.3 Nm @ 5,500 rpm. Honda Genio is supported by the ISS (Idling Stop System and ACG Starter) system. Based on the results of internal tests using the WMTC method, fuel consumption shows the figure of 59.1 km / liter (ISS feature on) so that it can cover a distance of up to 248 km in one full refueling This engine also ensures environmentally friendly combustion results with Euro 3 emission standards.

To support stability, Honda Genio is supported by eSAF frame technology from Honda. With this frame, Honda says the Genio is easier to ride, lighter and more comfortable to control when maneuvering through busy urban streets. The eSAF frame also provides more efficient use of space as evidenced by its large luggage capacity, measuring 14 L to store daily driving needs and a fuel tank capacity of 4.2 L.

The following is the price of the latest Honda Genio:

– Genio CBS: IDR 18,050,000
– Genio CBS-ISS: IDR 18,650,000.

Prices apply on the road DKI Jakarta.

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