Le Minerale Launches Special Packaging for 2022 Ball Party

Le Minerale mineral water also enlivens the biggest sporting event that is currently taking place. This ball party event takes place from 20 November to 18 December 2022.

In order to present the nuances of this prestigious football event, the mineral water company also produces bottles of mineral water with a ball nuance. This product is already on the market which is spread through the distributor chain to retail to consumers. In addition, the arrangement of products from supermarkets to minimarkets is quite interesting and different from other products.

“We are launching this limited package to be closer to football fans as well as part of a healthy choice campaign in enjoying a series of shows that will take place this November to December,” said Yuna Eka Kristina, Head of Public Relations and Digital Le Minerale, in a statement. written statement, Wednesday (23/11).

It was previously known that Le Minerale was believed to be the official sponsor of the 2022 football party broadcast. The mineral water will accompany Indonesian football fans in every international broadcast spread across SCM’s multiplatform media, starting from free to air television stations, namely SCTV, Indosiar, O Channel, to Vidio’s OTT (over the top) service.

Le Minerale is quality mineral water, guaranteed to be healthy and clean and has a fresher taste. “In addition to athletes or players who are active in sports, we also have to maintain body fitness, including when watching, especially when our activities will be late in the morning. Therefore, we believe Le Minerale can be the right healthy choice,” added Yuna.

Le Minerale contains essential minerals that are healthy for the body while producing a fresher feeling. “We hope that this fresh feeling can awaken freshness while maintaining fitness while witnessing the euphoria on a world scale,” he explained. In addition, Le Minerale is packaged hygienically with three layers of protection and is trusted by many consumers as a healthier, cleaner and safer choice.

Being part of the grand moment that many football fans have been waiting for, he is confident that the healthy choice campaign mission he has launched can be achieved. “By being present in this special package, we also want to always remind football fans to continue to maintain sufficient mineral water by making Le Minerale a healthier choice for watching,” concluded Yuna. (OL-14)