Leaked Electric Cars That Will Become Government Service Vehicles


Recently, President Jokowi issued Presidential Instruction (Inpres) Number 7 of 2022 concerning the use of battery-based electric vehicles as official vehicles in central and regional government agencies. Then, what electric car will be used in the future?

It is known, currently government official cars–especially high-ranking officials such as ministers–generally have a luxurious status with a high security system. That is why, the electric vehicle that will be selected will likely have similar characteristics.

Disitat from detikFinance, Saturday (15/10/2022), until now the government has not announced for sure, what kind of electric car will be used as an official vehicle.

However, the Director of State Wealth Policy Formulation at the Ministry of Finance, Encep Sudarwan, confirmed that a team had been formed to carry out Jokowi’s directives regarding the use of electric vehicles as official vehicles. It refers to the SBSK or Standard of Goods and Standard of Needs.

“Nowadays certain officials have 3,000 cc cars, if EVs are not cc, but what? This is also interesting. In the past, the cc was getting bigger, more luxurious, more expensive. What is the size of EV? This includes our example. You have to standardize the goods,” said Encep, as if to describe an electric car that would later be used as a government official vehicle.

Official vehicles of the Ministry of Transportation officials have officially changed to electric cars.  The change is an effort by the government to accelerate the use of environmentally friendly vehicles.Leaked electric car that became a government official vehicle. Photo: Pradita Utama

Meanwhile, the Director General of State Assets (DJKN) of the Ministry of Finance, Rionald Silaban ensured that the replacement of government official cars from fuel oil (BBM) to electricity would be carried out in stages. Replacement will be sorted from the vehicle that is closest to retirement.

In line with Encep, Rio also emphasized that the procurement of electric vehicles is basically stipulated in the SBSK. After that, a State Property Needs Plan (RKBMN) is carried out from each K/L while looking at the needs of the official vehicles they have.

“For the procurement of new vehicles, of course it will go there (buying electric vehicles), but this depends on the RKBMN from the K/L itself,” he said.