Left for 4 Years, This Noodle Seasoning Turns into Crystals


A man found a ‘crystal’ while he was cleaning the fridge. It turns out that this crystal is salt from the remaining noodle seasoning that has been stored for more than 4 years.

Many people find unique ‘treasures’ from the refrigerator at home. Usually in the form of food that is forgotten and settles for years. Some have become rotten food, but not a few have become impressive findings.

Like a man who finds crystals from the refrigerator in his house. Reporting from Grapee (8/4) a man named Sakana Nakasako shared his experience via his Twitter @Nakazako.

This Noodle Seasoning Turns into CrystalsThis Noodle Seasoning Turns into Crystals Photo: Twitter @Nakazako

He found a bottle of mentsuyu, a Japanese sauce that is usually used as a condiment to add soba or udon noodles. This sauce has accidentally been stored for four years in the refrigerator.

When he saw the contents of this sauce, he was surprised because it didn’t look like thick sauce at all. The rest of the spices actually clump together with a hard texture like stone.

“A 1 cm salt crystal came out of the mentsuyu soup broth container that I had forgotten about for four years,” said Nakasako.

Inside the bottle, this noodle sauce has turned into salt crystals that are very attractive in shape. As the salt in this sauce crystallizes, the dark brown color of the sauce adds pattern and gives it a jewel-like appearance. Netizens who saw this crystal did not even think that this was leftover noodle sauce.

These clear crystals are salt that clumps due to being left too long in cold temperatures. The compounds in the salt will coagulate as the water content decreases gradually. No wonder this salt liquid becomes hard as a rock.

Nakasako wasn’t the only person who’d ever found a lump of sauce left. Other netizens also had a similar experience. Some are rice, from natto sauce to fish sauce.

This Noodle Seasoning Turns into CrystalsThis Noodle Seasoning Turns into Crystals Photo: Twitter @Nakazako

“If no one told you it was mentsuyu sauce, you’d think it was a rare gem crystal,” said a netizen.

“I would never accidentally leave a condiment in the fridge, but this would be an amazing find!” said another netizen.

“When forgotten spices are dug out of the fridge, they can turn into treasures!”

Even though the results are beautiful but that doesn’t mean you have to intentionally store the sauce in the refrigerator for years. It would be better if this sauce is used until it runs out.

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