Legal Expert Values ​​Police Quickly and Accurately Handles Kanjuruhan Tragedy

Trisakti University criminal law expert Abdul Fickar Hadjar assessed that the Police had quickly and appropriately handled the tragedy at the Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang, by naming six people as suspects.

It is known, the suspects in the tragedy that killed more than a hundred people, including three from the police and three organizers of the Liga 1 match between Arema FC and Persebaya.

“Yes, it has been fast and precise. Therefore, it is appropriate to take internal action against the apparatus which, if it meets the elements of a criminal act, must be processed against anyone, including the apparatus,” said Fickar to reporters, Monday (10/10).

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Fickar said the organizers or the match committee could also be charged with a civil article in this case. According to him, this is important to explore the alleged business competition in Indonesian football.

“Yes, it must be investigated if there is a motive, business competition or just an accident,” he said.

The National Police Chief, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, removed Ferli from the position of Malang Police Chief in the aftermath of the Kanjuruhan tragedy. The mutation is stated in the telegram number ST/2098/X/KEP/2022.

In the telegram, Tanjung Priok Port Police Chief AKBP Putu Kholis Aryana was lined up to replace Ferli, who was transferred to become Pamen SSDM Polri.

The Kanjuruhan tragedy itself occurred on October 1, 2022, after the Arema FC match with Persebaya. At first, Arema supporters seemed to go down to the field area to look for players and officials.

The police responded by firing tear gas into the field and stadium stands. As a result, the audience ran in panic.

They ran to the exit breathless and were trampled to death. So far, 131 people have died, two of whom are police officers. (RO/OL-1)