Let’s Challenge Adrenaline at Kroya Sambangan Buleleng Waterfall


For those of you who like challenges, you can take a vacation to Kroya Waterfall in Sambangan Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency, Bali. This waterfall with a height of about 12 meters offers quite challenging adrenaline activities.

Not only that, this tourist spot is also very suitable for those who like to capture moments or take selfies. Therefore, don’t forget to bring a camera to capture every moment at Kroya Waterfall.

To reach the location of this waterfall is not difficult. There is already adequate stair access for tourists to use. From the parking lot to the waterfall it only takes about ten minutes. Along the way to the location, tourists will be spoiled by the view of the rice fields of the residents who are still very beautiful.

Head of the Kroya Waterfall Tour Guide for Sambangan Village Gede Arta Wibawa said visitors always capture the moment when visiting Kroya Waterfall. Managers offer quite challenging tour packages for tourists.

Take a peek at the charm of the Kroya waterfall in the Smabangan Tourism VillageTake a peek at the charm of the Kroya waterfall in the Smabangan Tourism Village. Photo: Sambangan Tourism Village Doc

Tourists can try jumping to sliding activities from a height. For jumping, tourists can feel the sensation of jumping from a cliff into a natural pool under a waterfall with a height of 5 meters. You can also jump directly from the flow of a waterfall like playing a slide in a sliding activity.

“Especially at Kroya Waterfall, tourists can enjoy natural scenery, take pictures, as well as jumping and sliding activities,” said Head of the Kroya Waterfall Tour Guide, Sambangan Gede Village, Arta Wibawa to detikBali, Sunday (11/13/2022).

Entrance ticket to the location of the waterfall is IDR 20,000. Then for those who want to try extreme activities, you can try the tour packages provided, such as short tracking, medium tracking, and long tracking.

Because there are also six other waterfalls in Kroya Waterfall that can be visited. With IDR 120,000 – IDR 500,000 tourists can already enjoy the tour packages offered, complete with tour guides, insurance, and other safety equipment.

“For the entry ticket, Rp. 20,000 per person, but if you want to try the activity, you must be accompanied by a guide, to avoid unwanted things when playing in the water,” he concluded.

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