Like Heaven, Here Are 7 Taiwan’s Pride Instagenic Places


Taiwan have a very beautiful nature. No need to bother choosing a vacation spot, there is a National Scenic Area that can be an option.

The National Scenic Area or the national panoramic area is a natural tourist spot that has a paradise-like beauty. It consists of a variety of unique natural, cultural and culinary tours with various interesting activities and experiences.

Summarized from the Taiwan Tourism Bureuau ID, here are 7 of Taiwan’s top destinations:

1. Siraya

7 Taiwan's national panoramaSiraya, 7 Taiwan’s national panorama Photo: (Taiwan Tourism Bureuau ID)

Known as the land of abundance, Siraya is filled with farms that produce a wide variety of fruits and other products. Siraya is the right place to visit if a traveler wants to explore the Taiwanese countryside while tasting a variety of delicious foods.

As the best hot springs in Taiwan, Siraya has Guanziling as its main resort. Other springs are also scattered around the area. You can also find dams at Siraya, including the Wushantou Dam which is perfect for viewing cherry blossoms and various other flora and fauna.

Get to know Siraya more deeply by visiting museums and historic houses. These include the Cailiao Fossil Museum, the Lutaoyang Jiang Family Historic Home, a Fukien-style farm village to woven bamboo houses.

2. Dapeng Bay Bridge

7 Taiwan's national panoramaDapeng Bay Bridge, 7 National Taiwan panorama Photo: (Taiwan Tourism Bureuau ID)

With a depth of 3 meters to 6 meters, Dapeng Bay is the largest lagoon in Taiwan that provides the region’s rich marine animal and plant resources. Magroves, birds, shellfish and insects can easily be found at Detan Wetland Park, the top of the lagoon.

Here, tourists can do many activities such as trying out boats and walking around while enjoying the beauty of Dapeng Bay. Other water sports are also available. Dapeng Bay Bridge will also feature a light show and a bridge opening event to let boats into the lagoon.

As the site of the Penbay International Circuit, Dapeng Bay also consists of Little Liuqiu, a small coral island off the coast near Donggang. Many natural beauty such as coral reefs, plants and various types of animals can be found here.

3. North Coast and Guanyinshan

7 Taiwan's national panoramaNorth Coast and Guanyinshan, 7 Taiwan’s national panorama Photo: (Taiwan Tourism Bureuau ID)

The North Coast and Guanyinshan offer rock and fine sand beaches and stunning views. There are hot springs, swift rivers, and waterfalls that are a treat for tourists.

Travelers who want to heal are suitable for this tour, because there are quiet and quiet beaches, sunsets on sandy beaches, history, culture, and good food there.

While visiting the North Coast and Guanyinshan make sure you check out popular attractions such as North Coast Exploration, Fuji Fishing Port, Cape Fugui Lighthouse, Cape Fugui, Shimen Kite Park and Cherry Blossom Trail.

4. Northeast and Yilan Coast

7 Taiwan's national panoramaNortheast and Yilan Coast, 7 National panorama of Taiwan Photo: (Taiwan Tourism Bureuau ID)

Located in the east of Taiwan, the Northeast and Yilan Coast is famous for its many headlands and bays backed by green mountains. The attractions of this location include spectacular rocks, unique sea-eroded landscapes, fine golden sand beaches, rich marine biodiversity, and a preserved cultural heritage.

It is a multipurpose tourist destination that can be a double function of attractive nature classrooms and enchanting beach playgrounds. The Northeast and Yilan Coast also stretches from southern Juifang to Beigangkou in Yilan County. Natural beauty such as coral reefs, rivers, terraced rice fields, green hills, lighthouses, and two of Taiwan’s best beaches can be found here.

Travelers can also go camping, rock climbing, hiking along 200-year-old trails, and water sports, such as swimming, surfing, windsurfing, jet skiing, boating, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

5. East Rift Valley

7 Taiwan's national panoramaEast Rift Valley, 7 National Taiwan panorama Photo: (Taiwan Tourism Bureuau ID)

The East Rift Valley is known as the Land of Milk Honey. When passing Provincial Highway No.9, a traveler will see green agricultural fields that stretch to the mountains on both sides. The national tourist spot itself stretches from the Mugua River in Hualien to the north to Taitung City with an area of ​​138,386 hectares.

The national attractions include mountains, valleys, and hot springs, along with rice fields, lilies, pomelos, tea and sugar apple in abundance.

Friendly and warm people with a rustic atmosphere, and clear rivers make the East Rift Valley a paradise on earth. The East Rift Valley is also home to four of Taiwan’s indigenous tribes, namely Amis, Atayal, Bunun, and Puyuma. Aboriginal culture is one of the most important and most representative of the East Rift Valley’s valuable resources.


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