List of Indonesian MotoGP Ticket Prices at the Mandalika Circuit, Next Week’s Race


Ticket Indonesian MotoGP at the Pertamina Mandalika Circuit is still for sale. The most prestigious motorcycle race will be held right next week. Here is a list of tickets and the division of categories.

The Mandalika Grand Prix Association (MGPA) previously released official ticket prices for the 2022 Indonesian MotoGP. The prices also vary, ranging from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions.

The types of ticket categories that you can choose from include General Admission, Premium Grandstand, and Standard Grandstand. Then for people who have thick pockets, there is also a VIP Hospitality Suites class which is divided into two types, namely Premier Class and Deluxe Class.

For spectators who hold General Admission, Standard Grandstand, and Premium Grandstand tickets, the organizers provide ticket options in the form of Daily Pass (daily ticket) or Weekend Pass (Saturday-Sunday ticket). So that the audience can watch the qualifying round to the race at once.

Especially for the VIP Hospitality Suites ticket category, spectators can watch the race for three days starting from free practice sessions, qualifying rounds, to race day.

Of course, each category has a different placement of seats and stands when watching the race. For ticket holders for the VIP Hospitality Suites category, spectators will be placed in a position adjacent to the paddock or garage of the racing team.

A number of workers completed the construction of the spectator stands at the Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit in the Mandalika SEZ, Pujut District, Praya, Central Lombok, NTB, Saturday (5/3/2022). Ahead of the Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia (MotoGP) 2022, the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) together with the Mandalika Grand Prix Association (MGPA) are making improvements to the track and various circuit support facilities which are targeted to be completed in full on March 16, 2022. ANTARA FOTO/Ahmad Subaidi/YU Photo: ANTARA FOTO/AHMAD SUBAIDI

For ticket holders for the Premium Grandstand category, they can get a seat equipped with an arm rest as a cushion and support for the hand. This section also will not rain or heat because it has a roof.

For Standard Grandstand ticket holders, spectators are only provided with regular seats without armrests. Then there is no roof covering so it is more open.

Lastly, the category of General Admission or non-seating tickets, which have no seats and no roofs. However, the MGPA allowed spectators to bring their own mats or chairs from home to make watching the race more comfortable.

A number of racers returned to speed up their motorbikes at the Mandalika Circuit, Central Lombok, NTB.  Today is the last day of the 2022 MotoGP pre-season test.A number of racers returned to speed up their motorbikes at the Mandalika Circuit, Central Lombok, NTB. Today is the last day of the 2022 MotoGP pre-season test. Photo: ANTARA FOTO/Andika Wahyu

Mandalika 2022 MotoGP ticket prices:

VIP Hospitality Suite

  • Premier Class: IDR 15,000,000
  • Deluxe Class: IDR 10,000,000

Premium Grandstand

  • Friday Ticket: IDR 373,250 – IDR 431,250
  • Saturday Ticket: IDR 1,063,750 – IDR 1,150,000
  • Sunday Ticket: IDR 1,610,000 – IDR 1,725,000
  • Saturday-Sunday Ticket (Package): IDR 2,300,000 – IDR 2,587,000

Grandstand Standard

  • Friday Ticket: IDR 230,000
  • Saturday Ticket: IDR 747,500
  • Sunday Ticket: IDR 1.150.000
  • Saturday-Sunday Ticket (Package): IDR 1,725,000

General Admission

  • Friday Ticket: IDR 115,000
  • Saturday Ticket: IDR 287,500
  • Sunday Ticket: IDR 575,000
  • Saturday-Sunday Ticket (Package): IDR 805,000

The Indonesian MotoGP at the Mandalika Circuit will be held from Friday to Sunday (18-20 March). This race will be able to be watched live streaming on secondsauto.

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