Livy Renata Loves Hotpot to Steak, These are the 7 Places to Eat


Behind her slender body, it turns out that Livy Renata is a person who loves to eat. He has a highlight on Instagram showing his favorite foods. Here are 7 places to eat Livy Renata’s choice.

Livy Renata caught the attention of netizens because of her innocent confessions about ignorance of simple or ‘populist’ things. He, for example, doesn’t know how to put on bed sheets, snack on egg rolls, or ‘old school’ games like rubber bands.

Not long ago Livy also shocked the public because of her experiment frying eggs. The 21-year-old celebrity tried fried eggs with butter in Australia. He said the fried eggs were like burning.

Livy Renata maybe not good at cooking, but he is a good foodies figure choosing good food. He also expressed his love for food through uploads on Instagram highlights.

Livy Renata summarizes favorite foods and places to eat them. It looks like he likes processed meats such as BBQ and steak, hot pot, and Japanese food.

Here are 7 places to eat Livy Renata’s choice:

1. Esina Yakiniku Garden Restaurant

Photo: Instagram Story livyrenata

Esina Yakiniku Garden Restaurant is a place to eat Japanese BBQ which is famous for its luxury. The location is on the 4th floor, Plaza Senayan. Livy Renata is seen showing off the moment when she burns wagyu sheets at this restaurant.

The choices of meat at this restaurant include Negi Baka Karubi, Yaki-Suki Karubi, Harami, and Tan-Suji. The price per plate of meat starts from IDR 90 thousand to IDR 298 thousand.

2. Eight Treasures

Livy Renata Loves Hotpot to Steak, These are the 7 Places to EatPhoto: Instagram Story livyrenata

In the Pantai Indah Kapuk area, Livy Renata once tasted the special meat hotpot dish made by Eight Treasure. The presentation is unique where the pieces of meat are like ‘dried’ on a wooden container.

For the meat sheets, you can choose USDA Prime Black Angus Short Ribs, Australian Wagyu Brisket AA11+, Wagyu Kobe Oyster Blade, to Japanese Wagyu A5. The price of the meat menu starts from IDR 168 thousand per portion. For the broth, there are pork bone soup, Szechuan mala soup, and Shark’s cartilage soup, which is a mainstay.

3. Sumire

Livy Renata Loves Hotpot to Steak, These are the 7 Places to EatPhoto: Instagram Story livyrenata

Another proof that Livy Renata hooked the meat menu is this photo. He showcased the moment of eating teppanyaki at Sumire, a luxury restaurant at the Grand Hyatt Jakarta.

In addition to enjoying fresh teppanyaki, the sensation of seeing a chef making orders right in front of your eyes will definitely be liked by Livy Renata. The price of dining at Sumire for Teppanyaki Set Menu starts from IDR 795 thousand to IDR 1.6 million per head. The menu is complete, from shrimp, salmon, enoki mushrooms, US beef tenderloin, miso soup, and many others.

4. Kilo Jakarta

Livy Renata Loves Hotpot to Steak, These are the 7 Places to EatLivy Renata Loves Hotpot to Steak, Here Are 7 Places to Eat Her Choices Photo: Instagram Story livyrenata

Kilo Lounge, which has now changed its name to Kilo Jakarta, is located at Jalan Gunawarman Number 16, South Jakarta. This restaurant provides a variety of Western and Asian menus.

Livy Renata once tasted squid ink fried rice here. The price is around IDR 190 thousand with a complement of flour fried squid, salmon roe, and garlic aioli.

On the next page, there is other information about where to eat Livy Renata’s choice.

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