Local Residents Must Bring ID Cards, Don’t Have Return Tickets


Insulation is applied to many roads leading to Pertamina Mandalika Circuit. Security officers and the MGPA formed several layers of checks, to weed out people who don’t have tickets and at the same time break up potential traffic jams.

The series of Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia began on Friday (18/3) yesterday. After on the first day the number of spectators seemed to be still very minimal, on this second day, Saturday (19/3), the number of spectators who came seemed to have increased.

From detikoto’s observations around the circuit, this event received very tight security. Even before entering the circuit area, there were a number of isolation posts filled by several officers.

From Lombok Zainuddin Abdul Madjid International Airport to the vicinity of the Pertamina Mandalika Circuit alone, at least we passed four checkpoints and checkpoints. The officers on duty generally ask our destination as well as check the completeness of the required documents.

Vehicles whose passengers do not have tickets or hold the required accreditation will be turned back immediately.

The atmosphere of isolation towards the Mandalika Circuit Photo: Doni Wahyudi/detikOto

It’s not just potential viewers who are ‘filtered’. Local residents were also subject to inspection. Therefore, residents around the circuit now have to always carry their ID cards when traveling.

“Because of the current insulation, people here (around the circuit) have to carry their ID cards everywhere. If it’s not difficult, they will want to go home,” said the driver who brought detikoto editor to the Mandalika Circuit.

Layered insulation is also carried out so that there is no accumulation of vehicles at one point. Some of the locations for blocking posts are Labulia Post, Batujai Post, BIZAM Outer Roundabout Blocking Post, Songgong Roundabout Blocking Post, Triputri Roundabout Blocking Post, and Mong Roundabout Blocking Post.

At each isolation post, police, TNI, and MGPA officials were seen to assist the audience in getting information on the location of the intended stands.

To get to the entrance to the Pertamina Mandalika Circuit, passengers are transported by bus. These buses serve the audience to gate 1, gate 2 or gate 3. Taking these buses is free of charge and operates until 23.00 WITA. The local committee together with the Department of Transportation prepared 278 278 shuttle buses.

Watch the video ‘Fighting between Cars and Road Blocking Officers at the Mandalika Circuit’:

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