Looking for an automatic motorbike under Rp. 20 million? Here are the options and the complete price list


The type of scooter matic is increasingly popular with the Indonesian people. Citing data from the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI), the percentage of automatic motorcycle sales in Indonesia seems to be increasing from year to year.

At the start of 2022, 88.66% of new motorcycles sold in Indonesia are scooters. While 5.83% are sport models and the remaining 5.51% are motorcycles. No wonder that motorcycle manufacturers are also aggressively offering scooter variants at varying prices.

So, if your budget to buy a new motorbike is less than Rp. 20 million, don’t worry because there are several options available. The following is a row of automatic motorbikes under Rp. 20 million.

1. Honda

New color Honda BEAT Photo: Astra Honda Motor


Honda BEAT is one of the automatic motorbikes that you may often see on the road. Its tiny shape makes BEAT quite attractive. No less interesting is the price tag.

Honda BEAT is offered in four variants. The cheapest is sold for Rp. 16,815 million on the BEAT CBS model. The Honda Beat Deluxe variant, which is the most expensive model, even though the price is still pocket-friendly, is IDR 17.615 million.


Besides BEAT, other Honda automatic motorcycles with a price tag of under Rp. 20 million are on Genio. The Honda Genio is offered in two variants at a price of IDR 17,995 million (CBS variant) and IDR 18,465 million (CBS-ISS variant).

New graphics for Honda GenioNew graphics for Honda Genio Photo: Doc. AHM

More details, see the price of the following Honda automatic motorcycle.

  • Honda Beat CBS: IDR 16.815 million
  • Honda Beat CBS ISS: IDR 17,515 million
  • Honda Beat Street: IDR 17,515 million
  • Honda Beat Deluxe: IDR 17.615 million
  • Honda Genio CBS: IDR 17,995 million
  • Honda Genio CBS-ISS: IDR 18,465 million

2. Yamaha

The choice of automatic motorbikes offered by Yamaha at prices below Rp. 20 million is even more. There are 9 models of Yamaha scooters that cost less than Rp. 20 million. The models start from the Mio Z for Rp. 15.8 million to the Freego which is priced at Rp. 19.8 million.

New Look Yamaha Mio M3 125 2021New Look Yamaha Mio M3 125 2021 Photo: Doc. Yamaha Indonesia

The following is a list of prices for Yamaha scooters under Rp. 20 million

  • Yamaha Mio Z: IDR 15.8 million
  • Yamaha Mio S Smart & Sophisticated: IDR 16.915 million
  • Yamaha Mio M3: IDR 16.99 million
  • Yamaha Gear 125: IDR 17.25 million
  • Yamaha All New Soul GT AKS: IDR 17.3 million
  • Yamaha All New Soul GT AKS SSS: IDR 17.8 million
  • Yamaha Xride 125: IDR 19.19 million
  • Yamaha Fino: IDR 19.42 million
  • Yamaha Freego: IDR 19.8 million

3. Suzuki

New Suzuki Address 2020New Suzuki Address 2020 Photo: Doc. Suzuki

Suzuki also offers four automatic motorcycle models that cost less than Rp. 20 million. The four models are Address Playful, Address Fl, Nex Crossover, and Nex II. The price details are as follows.

  • Suzuki Nex II: IDR 17.85 million
  • Suzuki Address F1: IDR 18,675 million
  • Suzukii Address Playful; IDR 19.15 million
  • Suzuki Nex Crossover: IDR 19.35 million

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