Love Coffee, Milk, or Soda? This is a description of the character of the audience


character and personality a person can be seen from the choice of drinks. From black coffee to mineral water, everything has meaning.

A person’s character and personality can not only be seen from his daily attitude and behavior. Psychologist Emma Kenny says that there are several things that can indicate a person’s character and personality.

Kenny stated, the choice of a person’s favorite drink can describe the person’s true personality and character without having to spend too long to observe it. Each type of drink is said to also have a character ranging from the softest to the strongest.

The personality that is in a person is said to make him determine the character of a suitable drink. Both in the form of black coffee, tea, soft drinks and mineral water.

Here are 7 descriptions of a person’s character based on their favorite drink, as quoted from The Sun (27/5):

Black Coffee and Dark Chocolate Called HealthierLikes the strong taste of coffee, black coffee fans are seen as perfectionists. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

1. Black coffee

Black coffee without sugar and added sweeteners has a bitter and strong taste. In accordance with this, the audience has a similar character.

People who choose black coffee are said to be quite perfectionists. Individuals with this character prefer perfection, assertiveness, and frankness. They also don’t like things that are too verbose.

2. Cocktails

Cocktails are usually prepared directly by the barista according to the customer’s order. Cocktails can also be customized if the customer wants to add something or reduce certain ingredients.

This flexible nature is said to describe the personality of someone who tends to be more spontaneous. People with this kind of character will usually find it easy to liven up the atmosphere wherever they are.

3. Mineral water

Even though it tastes bland and too natural, it turns out that mineral water lovers also have character and characteristics personality separately. People who prefer mineral water tend to be more modest.

They prefer things related to technology. The character of this kind of person is also said to not like it when someone disturbs the view or blocks the path he has chosen.

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