Luxury Camper Riding a Sultan’s Campervan in Lembang

West Bandung

Outdoor tourism has become increasingly popular since the pandemic era. Not a few families who choose to travel in the wild, for example, camping with the whole family. Travelers certainly know, one of the campers that happened was with a campervan. The traveler feels like a sultan-style camper by riding a campervan.

Some time ago detikTravel tried luxury camping with a campervan at Green Grass, Lembang, West Java. How does it taste? It must be really fun, camping with this campervan really feels like being the Sultan last night.

Yes, this camping trip in Lembang is for two days and one night. This campervan from Takatrans uses a 2017 Toyota Hiace car which has been modified interior and exterior so that it looks like a walking house.

When you first see the inside, wow the interior feels like inside a hotel. All the interiors have been modified.

The chair is converted into a folding sofa that can be used as a mattress at night, a cabinet above to store various items, a smart television to the sink! This sink when not in use can be closed into a table to store things again. What less?

Camping with CampervanThe chairs in the campervan can be converted into beds. Photo: Dadan Kuswaraharja

The seats in the car can be converted into a flat bed or flat bed which is enough to accommodate up to 2 adults and 2 children.

Between the chairs there is a folding table for snacking or playing with the various children’s toys provided.

If you want privacy in the back, just ask the driver to lower the blinds behind the seat.

Meanwhile, there is a red carpet in the cabin which makes the interior of the car more luxurious. Then to make it cooler the car is equipped with additional air conditioning at the back.

On the outside, there is a tent with a strong frame that is comfortable for 2 adults and 1 small child, there is also a canopy or awning on the side of the car door so it doesn’t get hit by the rain. To make the car even safer from the rain, there is a long flysheet to make the car feel more shady.

Camping with CampervanThe tent on top of the car can accommodate 2 adults and 1 child, climb up to the tent with the help of a ladder Photo: Dadan Kuswaraharja

There are also folding tables and chairs that we can use outside the tent, outside the campervan. If you want to relax or sleep on the sidelines of the tree, the car also provides a hammock.

Camping with CampervanCamping with Campervan Photo: Dadan Kuswaraharja

The campervan package system offered is a maximum of six family members and travelers just sit back and everything is provided. At a rate of IDR 600 thousand per person.

What do you get in the package? Lunch, barbecue for the evening, until breakfast the next day.

The driver from Campervan Takatrans will pick up the traveler’s house as long as it is still within the Jabodetabek area. Therefore, the price of the packages offered can be quite high. However, the more family members, the more efficient the calculation.

To get rid of the boredom of traffic jams, there is a television connected to a modem. detikTravel tried camping with a campervan in Lembang this weekend. Traveling via the Bandung toll road is quite congested, so getting to the location from the South Tangerang area takes about 9 hours.

But, when he arrived at Green Grass Lembang, all tiredness was gone. Travelers will be presented with beautiful views with lots of pine trees. detiktravel try camping at Campervan Park in Green Grass, Cikole, Lembang.

The location is pretty good at the top. Arriving at the location, the driver will set up the tent and everything. Travelers really become sultans.

Camping equipment has also been prepared, from tents on top of cars, chairs, tables, cooking utensils for barbecue such as portable gas stoves, pans, frying pans to stilts and other kitchen tools.

There’s even dish soap. Travelers just need to bring a plate, magic jar, additional cable terminals, and an electric pot to boil water. Coffee breaks are also provided, you can drink tea, coffee or milk.

This campervan also has awning lights, outdoor lights, decoration lights and mats.

For BBQ, Takatrans provides 3 packs of meat to be grilled along with liquid seasoning. However, if a traveler has a mainstay recipe for grilling meat, don’t forget to bring it from home such as pepper or garlic and onions. Oh yes, don’t forget to bring your own instant noodles.

Not to forget, the driver will find firewood for a solemn bonfire at night.

Camping with Campervan in Cikole, LembangCamping with Campervan in Cikole, Lembang Photo: Dadan Kuswaraharja

How pampered is the camper? As a memento of the campervan trip, the traveler will be given a framed photo that has been prepared by the driver before leaving.