Madura United Beware of Persija Resurrection

MADURA United is wary of the rise of Persija Jakarta in the continuation of BRI Captain I Wayan Dipta, Gianyar, Bali, Thursday (17/3). The Kemayoran Tiger Team – Persija’s nickname – returned to winning ways after poor results in the previous three matches.

Persija returned to winning ways which were marked by beating Persikabo 4-0 on Sunday (13/3). In the previous three matches, the Kemayoran Tigers had to lose three in a row.

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While Madura United, have not been able to win in their last five matches. “They just won 4-0. They played well against Persikabo. So, we learn about the opponent not from now but from the previous match,” said Madura United coach, Fabio Lefundes, during a virtual press conference, Wednesday (16/3).

“We saw them make a program for our (opponents). We learned about Persija being strong and how we have to overcome that,” he continued.

Fabio Lefundes also stressed to his team to stay focused while serving Persija and avoid conceding goals early in the match.

Persija Sudirman coach said the players were in a conducive situation. According to him, the players already understand their respective conditions and all the instructions that will be applied for tomorrow’s match.

“Conducive, because we have one goal to bring Persija to a better level,” said Sudirman.

Sudirman said that his team was wary of Madura United’s attack line, which was filled with Alberto Goncalves and Greg Nwokolo. According to him, Beto is a figure of opportunity solver, while Greg has the ability to break down the opponent’s defense with his speed and ability to dribble.

“Whoever of those players (Beto and Greg) gets the ball, there will always be our players who are close to them. They will not be free to score goals or get past our defences,” said Sudirman. (OL-6)