Magnificent! Indonesia’s First Skybridge Rest Area is in Central Java


The month of Ramadan is synonymous with the tradition of going home. For those of you who want to go home to Central Java, it feels like this one rest area is a shame to miss.

Resta Pendopo 456, a resting place on the Semarang-Solo Toll Road KM 456. Unlike other rest areas, Resta Pendopo 456 has a magnificent appearance.

The building was adapted from the traditional Javanese traditional house, Joglo. There are five buildings that are symbols of the five mountains in Central Java, namely Merapi, Merbabu, Sindoro, Sumbing and Ungaran.

What makes this rest area even more unique is the skybridge facility that connects with other rest areas across the street. Yes, this rest area is opposite the glass bridge as a connector.

Resta PendopoSkybridge Resta Pendopo Photo: (Bonauli/detikcom)

From the top of the skybridge, visitors can look directly at the mountain and the oncoming vehicles from two sides. Skybridge is also a great place to take pictures.

Resta Pendopo 456 is the first skybridge rest area in Indonesia with a Central Javanese style. This has become its own uniqueness for Resta Pendopo 456.

In addition to the skybridge, the design in this rest area is also very neat. The building is also disability friendly, as there are stairs and lifts provided.

Small gardens are made in the corner of the area to make the atmosphere even more green. The prayer room, toilets and open areas make visitors feel more at home resting there.

When crossing the Trans Java Toll Road in the direction of Semarang-Solo, don't forget to stop by this rest area.  Magnificent and beautiful impression felt when stopping at Resta Pendopo 456 Salatiga.Resta Pendopo Photo: Rachman_punyaFOTO

Fatigue must be gone, as well as hunger. While resting, you can go on a culinary tour of Central Java food.

Resta Pendopo 456 embraces MSMEs from various Central Java cities, such as Semarang, Salatiga, Boyolali to districts around toll areas. MSMEs occupy about 70 percent of this rest area ecosystem. The rest are big names like Starbucks, Solaria, Tong Tji and Kopi Banaran.

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