Make Envy! This newly hired employee was given lots of food


Newly accepted to work at a new company, this employee gets unexpected preferential treatment. He got a package of his favorite food which made other netizens jealous.

Working according to the field and dreams, of course everyone wants. Especially if the work environment and office facilities are supportive, it makes the employees who work there don’t feel pressured.

Like the special facilities that a netizen gets. He just got a job as a consultant assistant in a company. He gets a lot of free food to snacks specially selected by the company according to his taste.

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This story was shared by a Twitter account about the world of work @worksfess (02/04). “I’m really grateful that I work here at 9 am, come home at 4 pm. Allowed to take English lessons, in the fasting month I will go home at 3 pm. Giving work is not arbitrary, it is very appreciated,” vented this anonymous netizen.

His luck in finding the ideal workplace didn’t stop there. He explained his profession as a consultant assistant who had just entered the company.

Make Envy!  This newly hired employee was given lots of foodMake Envy! Newly hired employee is given lots of food Photo: Twitter @worksfess/StockPhoto

“In the beginning of work, coffee and coffee-flavoured snacks are always provided. But I never eat, because I don’t like coffee. Until I was asked why I didn’t eat it. I said, I can’t drink coffee. When I was asked, what do I like? I answered chocolate. See today, I bought all chocolate-flavoured snacks and drinks,” the netizen showed with a sense of emotion.

He also showed off a basket on his desk. Seen that the table contains a variety of snacks and chocolate flavored instant drinks. From chocolate wafers, chocolate biscuits, chocolate instant drinks, chocolate cookies and much more.

Suddenly, this tweet went viral and was liked by more than 23,000 Twitter users. There are hundreds of envious comments from other Twitter users complaining about why they can’t work in a supportive office environment like this.

“But having an understanding and kind boss is really good. I work selling sweet potatoes, I work from 7 in the morning to 10 at night. It looks tough, doesn’t it? But my boss is a very nice person. -Suddenly give money, excluding salary or sales fees,” commented @llhan**.

“A kind-hearted boss like this actually exists in the real world?” asked @an*** curious.

“Try to pray first. I hope you get a job as comfortable as a sender,” prayed @gul**

“Usually if the boss is kind like an angel. It’s your workmates who become demits, and vice versa. It’s hard to find a good package. But yes, it’s called working and following people, that’s for sure,” concluded @sum**.

This tweet got more than 1,400 thousand retweets, 23 thousand likes, to more than a thousand comments that came in commenting on the luck of this one employee.

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