Marc Marquez’s Motorcycle Uses Dinosaur Fins, What’s Its Function?


Repsol Honda racer from Spain, Marc Marquez was in the spotlight while undergoing a free practice session or free practice at the Phillip Island Circuit, Australia. Because, on the tail of the motorcycle is attached a unique component called Stegosaurus which at first glance resembles a dinosaur fin.

Marquez admitted, the existence of Stegosaurus at first felt quite foreign, but after a while he began to get used to it. According to him, the development of vehicles is necessary to face the competition in the future.

Although small and mounted on the back, Stegosaurus seems to make a lot of people, especially MotoGP fans curious. Then, what exactly is the function of the device and how does it work?

Getting to know Stegosaurus on Marquez’s Motorcycle

Disitat from Crash, Saturday (15/10/2022), the dinosaur fin or Stegosaurus actually has a function like a winglet attached to the front of the vehicle. The existence of these devices is intended to provide additional pressure (down force) when the motor is speeding.

Winglet Stegosaurus on Marquez Motorcycle.Winglet Stegosaurus on Marquez Motorcycle. Photo: MotoGP Twitter.

Thus, when the motor accelerates at maximum speed, the additional pressure keeps the wheels treading perfectly, aka not lifting.

This season, several teams in MotoGP are welcome to develop new winglets. The designs themselves are diverse and have their own uniqueness.

Before Honda, Ducati first displayed dinosaur winglets at the British MotoGP, a few weeks ago. While other competitors, namely Suzuki had used the ‘rabbit ears’ winglet in MotoGP Japan. Although they are different, their functions are almost the same.

Marc Marquez himself appeared impressive during free practice at Phillip Island, Australia. In fact, he was able to maintain his performance in the qualifying session by placing second. It’s just that, during the qualifying session, the motorbike was not seen using Stegosaurus.

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