Mariupol is bombed by Russian troops, what is the fate of the Suleymana Mosque?


Mariupol City in Ukraine ravaged by the Russian army. Here, stands the Suleymana Mosque to commemorate the glory of Turkey. What happened to the mosque?

Mariupol, a small town in southeastern Ukraine, is in poor condition. Mariupol was destroyed by bombs and missiles from the Russian military.

Mariupol was one of the important cities during the Russia-Ukraine war. The Russians desperately want to seize Mariupol from the hands of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military is reluctant to surrender without a fight to the last drop of blood.

As a result, Mariupol seems to be in the middle of hell. Various important buildings ravaged. Interestingly, in the city of Mariupol stands a beautiful Turkish-style mosque. The mosque was named the Sultan Suleiman Mosque or the Suleymana Mosque.

Compiled by detikTravel from several sources, Wednesday (20/4/2022), the Suleymana Mosque is a mosque founded by a Turkish businessman named Salih Cihan. As the name implies, this mosque is inspired by the glory of Sultan Suleiman of Turkey.

Suleyman Mosque in MariupolSuleyman Mosque in Mariupol Photo: (Google Maps)

The mosque which was inaugurated in October 2007 was made to resemble the construction and style of the original Suleymaniye mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. This mosque has also become a center for the study of Islamic and Turkish culture in Ukraine.

When the Russian military invasion occurred, the Sultan Suleiman Mosque became a shelter for dozens of Muslim citizens of Turkish descent in Ukraine. It was recorded that there were 30 Muslim residents who took refuge here.

Until now, the Sultan Suleiman Mosque is still safe from the rain of bombs thrown by the Russian military. But in early March, the Sultan Suleiman Mosque almost fell victim to a Russian bomb attack.

Luckily the rocket fired by the Russian army missed and exploded 700 meters from the location of the mosque.

“Our mosque is still intact and undamaged,” said Ismail Hacioglu, head of the Kanuni Association of Sultan Suleyman Mosques, as quoted by Turkey’s Anadolu Agency.

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