Massimiliano Allegri Twice Turned Down Real Madrid’s Proposal

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri revealed that he had signed a contract with Real Madrid. However, he then decided to join Juventus who called him back last summer.

“I signed for Madrid last summer, but I called the president to say that I would not leave because I had chosen Juventus. He thanked me. When they called me in May, I had no doubts,” said Allegri.

“I have no regrets, although it would have been a great coaching career: Milan, Juventus, Real Madrid. But you can’t have everything in life,” said the former Cagliari coach.

Real Madrid is one option for Allegri’s future and the Tuscan coach has made it clear he has refused to move to the Bernabeu twice.

“I am proud to have coached Milan for four years and to be at Juventus now. I turned down Real Madrid twice. The first time was when I was in talks about a new contract with Juventus. I told Florentino Perez (President of Real Madrid) that I was committed to Agnelli, ” he explained.

Allegri was sacked by Juventus in 2019 after winning 11 trophies in five seasons. However, his two successors Maurizio Sarri and Andrea Pirlo were not as successful as the club had hoped. That’s what made the Old Lady decide to return to using Allegri’s services.

“It was the right time. I could have come back earlier, but I didn’t for personal reasons,” said Allegri.

“My mother died in 2018, so I don’t want to go too far. I remain close to my son Giorgio and my father, who was very shaken by the death of my mother. He still lives in Livorno,” said the 54-year-old tactician.

Allegri admitted that he decided to return to Juventus because he has strong ties to the club and owner. “In addition, I can also stay close to my son, who lives in Turin with his mother. I want to be close to the people I love,” he added.

In this second period at Juventus, Allegri is contracted until 2025. He becomes the highest-paid coach in the Italian Serie A with a fee of 9 million euros per year. (Goal/OL-15)