Miss Gudeg in Semarang, Culinary Tour here


Central Java and its culinary tourism always make me miss. For those of you who are going home to Semarang, you can eat all of the warm wraps for souvenirs.

This is Mbak Mamiek’s stall, a gudeg Jogja restaurant that was founded in 2015. This shop is located at Jalan Ganesha Mukti Number 299, Pedurungan, Semarang.

This gudeg Jogja food stall in Semarang is managed by husband and wife Arief Nusantoro and Dyah Aris Wibawani. Here, a traveler will be served three main menus, namely gudeg, stir-fried mercon, and rendang.

A small version of Nasi Gudeg is priced at Rp. 18 thousand, while a large portion is Rp. 20 thousand. The taste of gudeng is sweet and savory, perfect for travelers who don’t really like sweet.

Warung Mamiek provides a food menu in the form of frozen food. After vacuuming, stir fry firecrackers and rendang can last two weeks in the freezer and 2-3 days at room temperature.

Warung Mamiek Gudeg JogjaWarung Mbak Mamiek Gudeg Jogja Photo: (Bonauli/detikcom)

“Actually, the main menu is warm, rendang and firecrackers for additions,” said Arief to detikTravel.

Rendang that has been vacuumed is priced at IDR 65 thousand per 250 grams. Oseng firecrackers can be taken home in a vacuum for Rp. 45 thousand per 250 grams.

Unfortunately, the gudeg menu does not have vacuum packaging. Because, krecek mixed easily stale. However, Warung Mamiek still provides out-of-town deliveries specifically for gudeg.

Warung Mamiek Gudeg JogjaWarung Mbak Mamiek Gudeg Jogja Photo: (Bonauli/detikcom)

“To bring souvenirs, you can use paxel, it will arrive in a day, it’s safe. Because they have a cooler,” he explained.

Warung Mamiek Gudeg JogjaOseng firecracker at Warung Mbak Mamiek Gudeg Jogja Photo: (Bonauli/detikcom)

Warung Mbak Mamiek accepts direct messages or via online applications.

“Many people bring gudeg as souvenirs to Jakarta, they say it’s still delicious. The important thing is that the packaging is cold, then the crackers will be vacuumed,” he said.

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