Morning Sun at Wae Rebo Tourism Village Pays for Tired Travel


Wae Rebo is one of the tourist villages in Flores. To get to this village, it takes a long journey but it is worth the beauty.

Wae Rebo village is located in the southern part of Flores. Wae Rebo is almost 60 km from Labuan Bajo. To get to this village a traveler needs to travel approximately 4 hours by car from downtown Labuan Bajo.

Then proceed by motorbike for about 15 minutes. After that, it is continued by walking or trekking for about 3 hours.

Travel by car

The initial journey using a four-wheeled vehicle is indeed quite long. Apart from being quite far away, it is also because of the varied road terrain. In some areas there are still stone roads and bridges that need repair.

The condition of this road is one of the concerns of tourists. One of the tourists who had arrived at Wae Rebo hoped that the condition of some roads that were still bad could be improved.

“Infrastructure, on the asphalt road, you know. The direction is here, not the trekking. You use the car from the direction of Labuan Bajo, it’s a very bad road. That should be more attention, right. Because the village budget is there. Then the government should also You see, this is already a lot of tourists who visit.maintain lah,” said Rima Risnowati, a tourist from Jakarta.

This is in line with what Dian, Rima’s older sister, said on vacation from Holland.

“It’s actually possible in a shorter time to get to Wae Rebo. But with roads like this that are not maintained, it seems a shame,” said Dian.

Even so, during the trip a traveler will meet many interesting things. In the first hour, the traveler will witness the natural scenery from a height as well as the lives and homes of local people.

Then the traveler will be treated to views of the forest on the right and left of the road. After that, the surrounding panorama will change to beautiful beach and sea views. Here a traveler can even see the view of Mules Island or Nusa Molas which looks very close.

Labuan Bajo Famtrip to Wae Rebo Village.Lunch break at Wae Rebo Lodge. Photo: Doc. Kemenparekraf x Garuda

After arriving at Dintor Village, the traveler will be invited to take a break for lunch. From here the journey by car continues for 15 minutes to the village of Denge.

Travel by motorbike

From Denge the traveler will continue the journey to Pos 1 using a motorcycle taxi from the local community. Pos 1 is the starting point for trekking to Wae Rebo village.

Just like before, the terrain traversed by motorcycle taxis also varies. The early part of the journey is still a smooth road. Then the road changed to a rock and dirt road that went up and down.

The journey continues with trekking.