MotoGP riders ask for the Mandalika Circuit to be completely re-paved


The Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia (MotoGP Mandalika) has been held on March 18-20, 2022. Several MotoGP riders have also tried to evaluate and provide criticism to the organizers. One of the suggestions was to ask for the main track of the Mandalika Circuit to be completely re-paved.

The Mandalika MotoGP which was held at the Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) took place with wet track conditions due to heavy rain before the race took place.

This condition makes the riders race in the midst of very extreme conditions, from zero visibility, to tracks that are dirty because of dust mixed with water.

DOHA, QATAR - MARCH 05: Joan Mir of Spain and Team Suzuki ECSTAR looks on in box during the MotoGP of Qatar - Qualifying at Losail Circuit on March 05, 2022 in Doha, Qatar.  (Photo by Mirco Lazzari gp/Getty Images,)Joan Mir Photo: (Getty Images)

“(Visibility) is very bad. A disaster. On the first lap, a MotoGP bike sprayed a lot of water. So imagine when in front of you there are 16 MotoGP bikes. It’s very difficult. You can’t see,” said Mir quoted from Crash.

“Just because of the light rain, you can see the bike in front. Sometimes I just follow the line, but I don’t know exactly where the corner is,” added the rider who started from 18th position.

The same thing was also expressed by Joan Mir’s colleague, Alex Rins. According to Rins, if in yesterday’s race (20/3) the track conditions were dry, then the race would be difficult because the asphalt began to peel off in some parts.

Alex Rins and Joan Mir Ride a Motorcycle Made in IndonesiaAlex Rins Photo: Doc. Suzuki Indomobil Sales

“Even when it was wet, we felt the asphalt (gravel) hit our bodies from the rider in front, so imagine (if the race was done) in dry conditions. Fortunately, no one was injured,” said Rins.

For these shortcomings, Mir and Rins also hope that the MotoGP authorities will re-pave the Mandalika Circuit for MotoGP racing in the 2023 season.

“They need to fix it, because it’s a bit dangerous. Let’s see. They said they will fix it (for next year). All (parts of) circuits,” said Rins. “Repave (for next year’s race) is very important,” said Mir.

Roadgrip Motorsport Indonesia (RMI) Suggests Mandalika Circuit to be Completely Repaved

RMI as one of the contractors working on the construction of the Mandalika Circuit recommends re-paving all Mandalika tracks. This was stated by the General Manager of RMI, Simon Gardini.

“We’ve served the worst. So if you get two-thirds of service problems, it’s still a bit of a compromise because we did it very quickly. So here the discussion is not after the race is over,” Gardini said as quoted by CNNIndonesia.

“Then what’s next? I think the current asphalt is equated in quality, type, and everything. So I think maybe we will recommend all new asphalt,” said the white-haired man.

Regarding other shortcomings around the circuit, Gardini believes the time for the next one year, before the 2023 MotoGP is held, will be overcome. In this case, RMI will coordinate and work optimally.

“At the same time I’m sure we can tackle other areas off the beaten track with new tools and such. And, you know, we’re going to do things perfectly going forward, it’s going to last for years.”

For your information, prior to the 2022 Mandalika MotoGP, the contractors PT Pembangunan Perumahan (PP) and RMI have re-paved the Mandalika Circuit at a number of points, from bend 17 to bend 5 to be exact.

The re-paving was also based on suggestions and input from a number of MotoGP riders who carried out pre-season tests at the Mandalika Circuit in February 2022. Some riders complain that the gravel is peeling off the asphalt, so it is very dangerous for the riders.