Muslims Need to Know! These are 9 terms of pork in Japanese food composition


Cuisine in Japan mostly contains pork, either using fat, broth or gelatin. Therefore recognize the term pork in foodstuffs Japan.

In Indonesia, eating pork is considered taboo, because the majority of Indonesians are Muslim. They are forbidden to eat pork.

However, unlike Japan, almost all restaurants there offer a menu of foods that contain pork. Not only meat, but also fat, broth and gelatin.

Menus containing pork are also widely offered by Japanese restaurants in Indonesia. Therefore, it is important for Muslims to recognize some of the terms pork in Japanese food.

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The term pork in Japanese food compositionThe term pork in Japanese food composition Photo: iStock

Usually the information is written in the letters Japan, such as kanji, hiragana and katakana. Well, this writing is often difficult for buyers.

Here’s a list of terms pork in the Japanese diet:

1. : Blind : Pig
2. : Blind Niku: Pork
3. : Pooku : Pork
4. : Dobutsu Sei-shibou : Animal Fat
5. : Raado : Processed Pork Fat
6. : Dobutsu Ekisu: Animal Taste
7. : Zerachin : Gelatin
8. : Nyuukazai : Emulsifier
9. : Kobo : Yeast

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The term pork in Japanese food compositionThe term pork in Japanese food composition Photo: iStock

Usually, if Japanese food products are halal, there will be a halal sign issued by 4 Japanese halal certification bodies.

They are the Japan Islamic Trust, the Japan Halal Standard of the Malaysia Halal Corporation, and the Japan Halal Foundation, and the Nippon Asia Halal Association (NAHA).

In order not to be mistaken when eating at a Japanese restaurant or culinary in Japan it is better to ask the waiter in the restaurant first.

In addition to the halal logo, Japanese restaurants that do not contain pork will usually say, “No Pork No Lard” or “No Meat No Alcohol”. The logo was issued by the Halal Japan Association.

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