National Police Chief: Police Forbidden to Do Manual Tickets, Replaced with ETLE


The National Police Chief Gen. Pol Listyo Sigit Prabowo has issued a ban on all ranks of the Traffic Corps (Korlantas) from manually issuing traffic tickets to drivers. Tickets can now only be done electronically, aka ETLE.

Quoted from detiknews, National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo has instructed all ranks of the Traffic Corps (Korlantas) of the Police not to carry out an operation to enforce traffic tickets manually. This is to follow up on President Joko Widodo’s (Jokowi) directive to the Indonesian National Police on October 14, 2022 yesterday.

The instruction to prohibit manual ticketing was stated in the telegram Number: ST/2264/X/HUM.3.4.5./2022, as of October 18, 2022. The telegram letter was signed by the Head of Traffic Police of the National Police Inspector General Firman Shantyabudi on behalf of the National Police Chief.

In the telegram, white belt police officers were asked to prioritize or maximize their action through electronic ticketing or ETLE, both static and mobile. Traffic violations are requested not to use manual ticketing.

“Traffic violation enforcement does not use manual ticketing. But only by using ETLE both static and mobile and by executing warnings to traffic violators,” wrote the instructions in point number five of the telegram letter, Friday (21/10/2022).

ETLE Cameras: From Static, Mobile, to Drones

In the previous detikOto news report, electronic ticketing (ETLE) was applied using a static camera or mobile, even now electronic ticketing can also be done using drones. The use of drones as ETLE cameras is implemented in the Semarang area.

ETLE Mobile HandheldETLE Mobile Handheld Photo: Pool

The Director of Traffic of the Central Java Police, Kombes Pol Agus Suryonugroho said there were several types of traffic violations that were targeted by the E-TLE drone camera.

“Not wearing a helmet, going against the flow, dead TNKB or fake TNKB, not wearing a seat belt, driving while using a cellphone,” Agus explained when contacted by detikcom, Monday (10/10/2022).

ETLE drone is the development and renewal of the ETLE mobile device, which is an electronic device that is used both portable and mobile.

Previously, ETLE cameras were also installed in police patrol cars. The on-board ETLE mobile camera can record traffic violations at cloud points that are not covered by static ETLE. In addition, the ETLE Mobile Handheld has also been operated. Police officers use smart gadgets that function as a means of capturing traffic violations, and are directly integrated with national ETLE data.

For the mechanism and standard operating procedures for taking action against mobile ETLE with this drone, it is the same as for static ETLE, namely the violation images that have been taken by officers will be sent to the back office at the Polres and Polda levels, processed immediately and then issued a ticket confirmation letter.

Agus said the police in charge of operating the ETLE drone had also been trained by the Indonesian Drone Pilots Association. Currently, ETLE mobile with drones has only been operated in the city of Semarang.

“So we have collaborated with the Indonesian Drone Pilots Association, so that we capture violations using drones, hopefully by using this technology, we hope that the people of Central Java will not have to be prosecuted, without the need for police, be orderly and obey traffic,” he explained. .

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