New Yamaha Grand Filano Features and Specifications: Relieved Luggage, ABS Brakes!


Recently, Yamaha officially launched the new Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid for consumers in Thailand. Although the classic style, but the vehicle is equipped with a number of advanced technology. Let’s not be curious, let’s look at the features and Specifications of the new Yamaha Grand Filano!

Disitat from Greatbiker, Wednesday (9/11/2022), the newly launched Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid is a special edition, because the time of its launch coincides with Yamaha’s 20th anniversary in the Thai automotive market.

Here detikOto summarizes the design, features, specifications to the price of the new automatic scooter.

New Yamaha Grand Filano Features and Specifications


The new Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid comes with the automatic premium fashion concept. The vehicle is designed to resemble automatic scooters made by Europe, especially Italy, such as the Vespa and Lambretta.

The motor has a petite stature with accents made in a number of parts. The main lights or headlamps are mounted on the head, while a pair of vertical turn signals are embedded further down or near the fairing.

The new Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid launched in Thailand.The new Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid launched in Thailand. Photo: Greatbiker.

While in the middle to the back, there are a number of details that might remind us of the Yamaha Fino in the Indonesian market.

Interestingly, considering that this is a special edition commemorating the 20th anniversary of Yamaha, the Grand Filano also comes with a choice of special colors, namely gold or gold.


The new Yamaha scooter has been equipped with various contemporary features, ranging from full LED lighting, LCD instrument panel with TFT screen, cellphone charging socket, start stop system (SSS), spacious luggage with a capacity of 27 liters, as well as ABS and smart keyless for the highest variant. .

The new Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid launched in Thailand.The new Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid launched in Thailand. Photo: Greatbiker.

Not only that, the new Grand Filano also has a connectivity feature called Y-Connect that can connect the vehicle with a smart phone or smartphone. Through this feature, motorbike owners can monitor real-time information about vehicle conditions, phone and message notifications, fuel consumption, parking directions, and much more.

Specifications and Prices

The new Yamaha Grand Filano hybrid still carries the mechanical heart of the previous model, namely the 125cc bluecore hybrid with 6.0 kW of power and 9.7 Nm of peak torque.

The vehicle comes in two different variants, namely the Standard at a price of 64,700 baht or Rp. 27.1 million and the ABS Version which is Rp. 2 million more expensive.

“The success of the Yamaha Grand Filano in Thailand was driven by four main factors, namely a beautiful design, comfortable ride, economical engine, and also accommodating,” said Executive Vice President of Yamaha Motor Thailand, Pongsatorn Euamongkolchai.

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