Not a Kitchen Seasoning, This is Coban Ginger that You May Not Know


Malang has many waterfalls or coban. But have you ever heard of this one waterfall? His name is Coban Jahe!

Coban Rondo, Coban Rais, Coban Putri and Coban Pelangi are some of the waterfalls that are popular with tourists in Malang. Meanwhile, Coban Jahe still sounds foreign to tourists.

Coban Jahe opened in 2014 and is managed by Perhutani Unit II RPH Sukopuro together with the surrounding community. Even though it’s called ginger, you don’t expect to find a lot of ginger here.

The name ginger comes from the word ‘pejahe’ which means to die. Kali Jahe is a source of water here which cannot be separated from the story of Ali Murtopo’s resistance to the Dutch colonialists.

Many warriors died in that battle. Autumn in Javanese means dead. Gradually the name changed to Coban Jahe, which is known today.

Try Malang GingerCoban Ginger Malang Photo: Muhammad Aminudin/detikcom

The fallen warriors are buried not far from the waterfall. Or about 100 meters from the Coban Jahe entrance.

In the Kali Jahe Heroes Cemetery area, you can interpret the history of the battle during the Dutch colonial period.

The entrance ticket for Coban Jahe is IDR 25,000 per motorbike. That includes parking rates.

Coban Jahe is open every day. Starting at 08.00 WIB until the afternoon.

Try Malang GingerCoban Ginger Malang Photo: Muhammad Aminudin/detikcom

If you depart from Malang City, you can go via Jalan Adi Sucipto. Then head to Blimbing District, then Tumpang.

Next you will pass through the Kali Jahe Heroes Cemetery area. You can proceed directly to the Coban Jahe parking lot.

The distance from Malang to Coban Jahe is about 25 kilometers. Which can be taken approximately one hour drive.


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