Not For Weak People, These Are The 10 Most Exciting Ways In The World


Indonesia has Kelok 9 which is famous for being both beautiful and dangerous. Far above Kelok 9, these places win the heart of anyone who passes by.

A trip to a mountain or cliff area is like two sides of a coin. On the one hand it is beautiful, but on the other it is very dangerous and scary.

Reported from Traveler, every country has extreme roads that are believed to make tourists’ knees weak. Here are 10 places with extreme and most dangerous roads in the world.

1. Trollstigen Mountain Road, Norway

Trollstigen Mountain RoadTrollstigen Mountain Road Photo: (Getty Images/iStockphoto/Jan Zabrodsky)

Trollstigen or commonly called Troll Road is in the Rauma area of ​​Romsdal. The road in this mountain area has 11 deadly sharp turns. Each bend has its own name and uniqueness.

The scenery is green and cool, this road is perfect for cycling, hiking, camping and others. Although spooky, the road that connects the villages of Valldal and Adalsnes is very popular with tourists.

2. Million Dollar Highway, United States

The million dollar street, that’s what the name of this street means. Stretching 113 km from Quray to Durango, Colorado, and past the San Juan Mountains, this road is beautiful but also deadly.

How not, this road is directly adjacent to the ravine without any road divider. In the first 19 km, tourists will pass the Uncompahgre gorge which makes a heart.

3. Paso Los Libertadores, Chile

Paso Los LibertadoresPaso Los Libertadores Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/hbrizard

The next deadly road is Paso Los Libertadores in Chile. Located at an altitude of 3,200 meters above sea level, anyone passing by is made a little breathless because of the depletion of oxygen levels there.

The Paseo De Libertadores passes from the Andes to Argentina in a distance of 6,962 meters, as high as Mount Aconcagua. In addition to depleting oxygen levels, this road is also often hit by strong winds. Having 20 steep turns, the road is guaranteed to make you breathless.

4. Pass of The Cattle, Scotland

Stretching 18 km from Tornapress to Applecross, Paseo De Libertadores is known as The Bealach na Ba. Called historic, this path was once used to herd cattle from Applecross and surrounding settlements.

Paseo De Libertadores is not recommended for inexperienced drivers. The track is single and has some sharp turns. The incline is challenging and has a slope that is only recommended for professional drivers. But as far as the eye can see, there is only an expanse surrounded by green cliffs.

5. Tsugaru Iwaki Skyline, Japan

Mount Iwaki SkylineMount Iwaki Skyline Photo: (aomori tourism)

Japan also has a deadly line called the Tsugaru Iwaki Skyline. Imagine, this path has 69 sharp turns from the base of Mount Iwaki to the slopes. Along 10 km, tourists will be amazed by the views of the 90-year-old forest of beech trees.

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