Not going home but want to modify the wheels, just try to paint it


Some people may be happy because they have been allowed to go home. But there are also people who choose to stay in Jakarta.

So for those who choose to stay in Jakarta, don’t be discouraged. Because there are still many activities that can be done during the Eid holidays. One of them is by modifying the wheels, so that they have a new, more eye-catching color appearance.

If you choose to modify the wheels, detikOto reminds you to choose the best paint, especially when choosing a base paint. Because choosing a base paint for wheels is not the same as other primers, because it must have materials that can last a long time on stainless steel and aluminum (alloys).

Like Belkote PU 2K Primer Clear primer, this clear color has a strong adhesion to stainless steel and alloys without having to be sanded first. And the appearance of parts made of stainless or alloy will still look natural and shiny.

“Currently, there are many modifications to stainless steel parts or alloys such as alloy wheels with various colors. This is what makes Belkote interested in developing innovations so that fellow modifiers can easily change the colors on the wheels and stainless to color. like anodized,” said Andrew Budi Kurniawan, Marketing Director of PT. Star Chemical Indonesia.

Then how to use base paint so that it can make the paint look more shiny?

Andrew explained that at the modification stage, especially at the stage of painting parts made of stainless steel or aluminum, nowadays it often takes a very short processing time. However, using PU 2K Primer Clear products, this primer can be attached directly to stainless steel and aluminum media and is stronger without a complicated process.

Belkote base paint for wheels or alloy materials.Belkote base paint for wheels or alloys. Photo: Pool (PT. Bintang Chemical Indonesia)

“Previously, the use of ordinary clear paint would easily come off when used on stainless or alloy substrates,” he added.

With many OEM standard car wheels that have used two tone colors, the Belkote PU 2K Primer Clear product can provide a practical solution if the surface of these wheels needs to be repaired or you want to change the color.

“Use this primer first for the first layer, after that you can use candy paint according to the color you want, then coat it with PU 2K Clear Coat. If you want a clear appearance, then candy paint doesn’t need to be used. This product can also be used for interior design, especially on the stainless steel part that you want to change to a gold or bronze color,” said Andrew.

PU 2K Clear Coat is described using polyurethane technology, which combines polyol and isocyanate, to produce a primer that provides stronger adhesion and is easy to apply on stainless steel and alloy materials without having to sand, so that the polished appearance of stainless and alloys will remain visible. . This product also does not require special care to maintain its appearance.

So for those who want to modify the appearance of the wheels, this base paint can be said to be very cheap, only Rp. 50 thousand for 4 car wheels.

“For four wheels, only one coat of Primer Clear is needed to become a solid base. That means it only takes 250 cc for 4 wheels, which is equivalent to Rp. 50 thousand only,” said Andrew.

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